I love food as much as the next person. Would I ever consider having it tattooed on my body? Probably. I mean, there are quite a few pineapple tattoos that have caught my eye, but I’m just too much of a wimp to commit to a favorite food being on my body for the rest of my life.

So while I would need to gain some courage to get mine, check out nine celebrities who were brave enough to take the plunge and get food-based tattoos.

1. Marc Jacobs


Photo courtesy of newnownext.com

Marc Jacobs actually has two food tattoos. He has an M&M tattoo on his right shoulder — accompanied by a “J” on his torso so he could have his initials… without actually putting his initials (??) — and a doughnut with sprinkles on his elbow.

2. Ed Sheeran


Photo courtesy of mtv.com

Ed Sheeran, like myself, is a ketchup lover. The proof? Check out the Heinz logo he has on the inside of his left arm to signify the start of his 2012 tour… but also because he loves it. He even tweeted once saying “No one is too good for ketchup. Ketchup is too good for you.”

3. Katy Perry


Photo courtesy of stylecraze.com

Katy Perry’s got two food tattoos as well. Her adorable strawberry and peppermint tattoos are both located on the inside of her ankles. The strawberry was a commemoration of the success of her Hello Katy Tour and One of the Boys album, while the peppermint was for her California Dreams Tour and Teenage Dreams album.

4. Miley Cyrus


Photos courtesy of @mileycyrus on Instagram

Miley’s avocado tattoo is the perfect size and truly shows just how much she loves the fruit.

5. Duff Goldman


Photo courtesy of sweets.seriouseats.com

Okay, so Duff’s whisk tattoo, which takes up his left bicep, isn’t exactly food — but it still counts. When asked about it, he said “When people look at me, they sometimes have a hard time believing I’m a cake decorator, but the first thing I do is show them the whisk.”

6. Ashlee Simpson


Photo courtesy of ashlee-simpson.us

Ashlee Simpson’s cherry tattoo is super discreet and super adorable.

7. Louis Tomlinson


Photo curtesy of usmagazine.com

Louis Tomlinson‘s little tea cup isn’t actually because of his love for the beverage, but rather pays homage to his solo line “You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea,” from the song “Little Things.”

8. Jackson Rathbone


Photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Jackson Rathbone is yet another ketchup lover. When he showed the tattoo to Wendy Williams on her show, he explained that it’s really just representative of how much he loves the condiment.

9. Harry Styles


Photo courtesy of vxastrology on Tumblr.com

It seems as though food tattoos are popular amongst the 1D guys, because Harry Styles has one, too. His is of an ice gem cookie, and although the meaning behind it isn’t clear, the guess is that it’s in honor of his sister Gemma (whose nickname was Gem).