At every moment, our bodies cycle by rejuvenating, developing, using, then shedding dead cells. We are constantly evolving. Ironically, we live in a world where trends and the standard of what is considered beautiful and perfect are also constantly changing. How are we expected to chase a standard of beauty that is never constant, while we ourselves are never constant? It’s impossible

Miranda Kerr, bombshell Victoria’s Secret Angel, owner of KORA Organic Cosmetics, and nutritionist, kisses all expectations aside, beautifully embodying the lesson as old as time: true beauty comes from within. Follow her natural beautifying tips not only to look beautiful, but also FEEL beautiful. 

1. Ditch the morning coffee

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I know this is one everyone is aware of, but seriously, do it. Skip the coffee that’s actually throwing off the balance in your body and start your day with a glass of warm water with half a freshly squeezed lemon. It will ignite your body in the morning, control cravings throughout the day, and give you great breath (instead of that nasty coffee breath). 

2. Instead, become a green goddess in the morning

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Begin every morning by making a superfood green smoothie. This will help alkalize your body and provide necessary vitamins and minerals to function at its best. You can find Miranda's recipe here.

Follow this drink up with a cold-pressed organic green juice or either avocado or organic free-range eggs on gluten-free toast. (I'm not a model so I would eat all of it at once.)

3. Dry brush your bod

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Every morning, before showering, Kerr dry brushes her skin. When done correctly, dry brushing stimulates the body’s circulation and lymphatic system. The exfoliation sweeps up dead skin cells, allowing the skin, our largest organ, to breathe and release toxins more readily. The result is smoother glowing skin, improved digestion, better kidney function, and more energy. Sign. Me. Up.

4. Meditation, postive affirmations, joy


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“Nothing makes you feel so blessed as a great belly laugh,” the model swears. “It is a great medicine and it rejuvenates the soul.” Kerr consciously lives her life in the moment, finding joy in all of her many daily activities.

She even prays every morning and night, maintaining a grateful heart. When you take a moment to realize how truly amazing your existence and the ones you care about are, you’ll understand how truly beautiful and valuable you are.

5. Yoga and meditation

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Yoga keeps Miranda fit and healthy inside and out. It boosts the immune system, lubricates joints, massages the organs and increases strength and flexibility as well as spiritual awareness. In order to value yourself, it is very important to maintain a strong relationship between the body and mind. Kerr likes to start her meditation off with remembering everything she's grateful for. She then sits and say her mantra inwardly for 20 minutes.

6. Water and lots of it

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It shouldn’t be a secret that this natural compound is one of the most effective anti-aging tools around. Miranda likes to either add Noni Juice, lemon, and/or ginger, which are all great ways to kick start the metabolism and boost your energy throughout the day.

7. Understand the effects of your cheat food

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“It’s not a matter of counting calories, it’s about thinking how you’re going to feel afterwards” is what Kerr lives by. She says, “Deciding that a certain food is “bad” will only make you crave it more... Moderation and knowing what’s good for you is the key to staying healthy and looking your best, without feeling like you are deprived.”

8. Drink this juice that cured an entire country

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Kerr has been drinking this ancient polyneican juice since she was 12 years old and swears by the health benefits. Noni juice has been called nature's antioxidant powerhouse. It has been said to help with weight loss, skin issues, the body's natural healing process, and improve the absorption of nutrients. The benefits are just ridiculous. This plant increases overall health and well-being.

9. Carry yourself with confidence

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The simple and relieving truth is you will never look like anyone but yourself. You will never get back the time that you spent worrying about looking like someone that you’re not. 

So follow these tips and be and own the beautiful person you are meant to be.