Have you ever craved McDonald’s so much the police had to be called? An 8-year-old from Ohio has. Here’s how one boy learned to drive via YouTube so he could get his hands on a cheeseburger. And while you read, bask in the shame for every YouTube tutorial you've attempted and failed. 

Yes, This Actually Happened 

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Alex Frank

After preparing for the mile and a half journey by watching a few YouTube videos, the young boy and his 4-year-old sister left their sleeping parents at home and drove to McDonald’s in their father’s van.

Concerned bystanders reported the underage driver to the police, but the boy appeared to follow traffic laws flawlessly, stopping at red lights and waiting for vehicles to pass before turning into the parking lot. 

McDonald’s employees thought they were being pranked when the young boy pulled up to the drive-through. Nonetheless, the boy still ordered a burger, paying with money from his piggy bank

A Happy Ending

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Jane Yeo

Luckily, a family friend inside the restaurant spotted the children and called their grandparents, who later came to pick them up. Police waited with the kids while they ate their meals.

Fortunately, no one was harmed by one boy’s pursuit of a cheeseburger. On the bright side, it looks like this kid will be more than ready to take his driver’s test in a few years and make some legal McD’s runs