Fact: Buffalo chicken dip is always a party favorite. It combines all of the best characteristics of a good appetizer—warm, substantial, spicy, creamy, gooey—in one cohesive dish. There are some amazing buffalo chicken dip recipes out there, but we need to have more ways to eat this heavenly dip. But I'm not just talking about creative dippers here! I'm talking about the very form of buffalo chicken dip. Here are eight amazing and creative ways to eat buffalo chicken dip.

1. Over French Fries

french fries, salt, potato, ketchup, fries
Amelia Hitchens

This takes cheesy fries to another level. Trust me on this one. Pour buffalo chicken dip ALL OVER your french fries. You won't regret it.

2. Inside Crescent Rolls

pastry, dough, croissant, puff, bread, sweet, crescent roll, butter
Jedd Marrero

Imagine you pick up a small baked crescent roll and you take a bite, and warm, gooey, buffalo chicken dip is waiting inside of it. Amazing, right? This one is an easy one to make at home for game-day appetizers or hanging out on movie night.

Just buy some crescent rolls, make your go-to buffalo chicken dip recipe, and put a scoop of that dip at the wide end of the crescent roll dough. Then roll them up and bake them! Try to make sure that you seal the edges well so that you don't lose any dip. When they are done baking, you have your buffalo-chicken dip to-go.

3. In a Grilled Cheese

It's a childhood favorite with a bit of a spicy side! Genius Kitchen put buffalo chicken dip's cheesy melty-ness to work in this recipe that puts buffalo chicken dip inside a grilled cheese sandwich—genius

4. Inside Egg Rolls/Wontons

pastry, sweet, bread, dough
Jessica Chu

Buffalo chicken egg rolls and/or buffalo chicken wontons follow the same logic as the crescent rolls: they are an easy package for buffalo chicken dip delivery without the mess. The thin, crispy wrapper, however, provides the crunch factor that is often missing when you eat buffalo chicken dip without chips.

5. On Top of Potato Skins

ravioli, cheese
Audrey Mirabito

Potato skins are a classic appetizer because of how simple and delicious they are. They classic potato skin is topped with cheese, bacon, green onions, and sour cream. But imagine you take an undressed potato skin and top it with a scoop of buffalo chicken dip, then the cheese and crispy bacon bits. You put them in the oven to melt the cheese. Then, you top them with green onions and sour cream. My mouth is watering already!

6. Mixed with Pasta

Whether you make Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Shells or Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese, you cannot go wrong with mixing this creamy and spicy dip into pasta! Noodles with ridges or openings make it easy for the buffalo chicken dip to get all up in there too, which means maximum buffalo chicken delivery.

7. On a Pizza

Buffalo chicken pizzas or flatbreads have become a staple at pizzerias, bars, and casual restaurants. It is an easy appetizer or entree since the dip itself already contains everything that you would put on a pizza.

8. With a Spoon!

Let's not pretend that we have not all snuck a couple of spoonfuls of the buffalo chicken dip while we were making it before... Honestly, this is the best way to eat buffalo chicken dip. Don't even try to argue with me.

And there you have it! Buffalo chicken dip is so good, that we had to find new and creative ways to eat more of it. Let us know what your favorite way to eat buffalo chicken dip is in the comments.