Anyone that has come from New York to go to school in Ann Arobr knows that it is quite a big change. It doesn’t help that the food choices are so ~different~ in Michigan. Yes, there are the foods that define New York but there are also so many more subtle things that New Yorkers only miss when they leave the City.

1. Michigan bagels are a pathetic excuse for bagels

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Photo by Sara Tane

This one is the most obvious and possibly the hardest to deal with. The second you step foot in Michigan you know you are never going to find a decent bagel.

2. The pizza is really, really not good

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No place in Michigan makes pizza that even compares to New York pizza. Not Pizza House, not South U Pizza and no, not even NYPD. It’s cute that they try though.

3. Poland Spring water is nonexistent

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SmartWater and Aquafina are just not cutting it. No one else will understand the true amazingness of Poland Spring, which they have everywhere in New York. And yes, Poland Spring does in fact taste different.

4. There are absolutely no trendy food places

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Photo by Sara Levy-Lambert

No Baked By Melissa. No Dominque Ansel. No Momofuku. Nothing worthy enough to insta.

5. Jimmy John’s is such a thing

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This chain literally cannot be found in New York. I really don’t get the hype even though there seem to be about five Jimmy John’s on campus within one mile of each other.

6. Dunkin’ Donuts is one hundo p not a thing

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Where else can you get your donut and coffee fix? It is so reliable to have a Dunkin’ basically anywhere you go in New York.

7. Apparently most people do their grocery shopping at Kroger

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There is not a single one of these stores anywhere near New York. So it is a little shocking that this is the clear place to be for food shopping.

8. How cheap everything is

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This one is kinda nice as barely any food is overpriced. There is no way you would find a milkshake for $15 anywhere in Michigan.

Love ya always, New York.

New Yorkers

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