Ah, home for the summer in Summit, New Jersey. Yarf. I’m already missing food from school and slowly panicking that I can’t just use my dining plan whenever I want (it just feels like free money).

Alas, now that I am home, I can’t help but soft smile as I drive past some of my favorite locales. I’m throwing down for my hometown with these 8 dope restaurants.

1. The Office Beer Bar & Grill


Photo courtesy of @soundlyawake on Instagram

Newly renovated and located conveniently right next to the train station, The Office is the perfect place to stealthily avoid eye contact with everyone from your high school. They’ve started serving flights of beer with one specifically dedicated to Jersey beers from Kane and Carton Brewing so you can ~stay local~.

2. The HAT Tavern


Photo courtesy of @con_photography on Instagram

If you haven’t worked at the HAT or known someone that worked at the HAT, did you even go to Summit High? Their burgers are the bomb.com but their daily specials are also out of this world.

3. Village Trattoria


Photo courtesy of @villagetratt on Instagram

I go to JMU and I can safely say that the pizza in Virginia blows. There’s no denying that. That’s why Trat is one of my first stops when I get home. The specialty pizzas are everything – buffalo chicken, chicken fingers and french fries, pasta – you name it. They’re also super-duper nice.

4. Summit Diner


Photo courtesy of @laurenscala on Instagram

Summit Diner is the OG of local diners (they were even featured on NBC). Between the retro feel, amazing breakfast sandwiches and no-fuss attitude, Summit Diner will always have a place in my heart.

5. Summit Bagel


Photo courtesy of @noteasybeingthisyummy on Instagram

Similar to the pizza argument, Virginia bagels are literally the worst bagels I’ve ever tasted. No lie, I’ve spat out a bagel in VA. Summit Bagel, on the other hand, doles out fluffy and fresh bagels. I took this quiz and found that I’m a “lox” bagel and I’ve never looked back.

6. Peppercorn


Photo courtesy of @jmatlocks on Instagram

Greek-owned and packed with regulars on the daily, Peppercorn always puts a smile on my face. Stop in for the pancakes, milkshakes and spanakopita. They all hit the spot. Oh, and I also worked there in high school so #nepotism.

7. Roots Steakhouse


Photo courtesy of @rootssteakhouse on Instagram

This place is the real deal when it comes to fine dining, hence why I never come here without my parents. Straight up, the best filet mignon I’ve ever had in my entire life; use this guide to decide what cut of meat you prefer. As far as sides go, definitely make sure to order the creamed spinach. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

8. La Pastaria


Photo courtesy of @boosted_ford on Instagram

Jersey Italian food at its finest can be found at La Pastaria. Not only is the food dank, the service is outstanding and the outdoor seating is definitely a plus.