I'm sure we've all heard the health advice to drink eight cups of water a day. But let's be honest here - how many of us really reach that goal? With milk-based coffees, energy drinks, sugar-loaded sodas, and literally so many other drinks to choose from, it can sometimes be hard to remember the vital importance of good old water. While the "eight cups a day" rule of thumb is certainly a good goal, the daily recommendation for water consumption (from both food and drink sources) adds up to 15.5 cups for men and 11.5 cups for women. Now, take a look at your drinking habits and consider asking yourself, "Do I need to drink more water?"

If so, never fear! As someone who is personally on the journey to drink her recommended amount of water each day, I have a set of simple tips to help you reach your very own water-drinking goals. 

Get Help From Friends

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Julia Gilman

Everything's better with friends, right? When it comes to nailing your food resolutions, this is oh so true! Friends can be a great resource to help hold you accountable in reaching your goals to drink more water. Even better, ask them to join in on this journey to better health with you! Having someone to share your triumphs and failures with will make your journey to drinking more water much more interesting, and you're guaranteed to have someone to encourage and inspire you along the way. 

Set Reminders 

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Jocelyn Hsu

Now, I am 100% that person who is constantly setting reminders (my phone has 732, to be exact, not to mention the written reminders that are scattered across my desk 😅), but hear me out. Setting reminders can be a great way to make sure you're meeting your water intake goals throughout the day. Decide what you hope to drink by the end of the day, and then divide that up based on the time intervals in which you hope to accomplish that goal. For example, if I want to drink 12 cups of water between 8 am and 8 pm, I might set a reminder on my phone for 10 am telling myself to make sure I've downed my first two cups of water! All you have to do is find the amount and timeframe that works for you and run with it. 

Use Apps 

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Katherine Carroll

Scrolling through the App Store, it's pretty clear to see that there's an app for almost everything. Just as there are apps to help you reach your fitness goals, there are also apps to help you reach your water intake goals! Each app has different features that will appeal to different people...here are some options to get you started!

Get Some Cool Gear 

Lexi Shepherd

Any gym-goer knows that there's nothing quite like getting new gear. Having a new pair of exercise pants or a brand new pair of tennis shoes just makes you want to get up and go try them out! Well, whether you're a gym-lover or not, becoming a water junkie is the same way. Having some fun and/or practical gear will help inspire you to drink water throughout the day. This could be as simple as purchasing a water bottle that is easy to carry everywhere, or as fun as trying out one of the water bottles like in the picture above! With motivational sayings and clearly marked goals, these bottles by Motivational Bottle are sure to help you slay your water goals in no time (plus, they look awesome, which is an added bonus). 

Eat Your Fruits And Veggies 

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Josi Miller

While not actually a tip to help you drink more water, this tip will definitely still help you stay hydrated throughout the day! Upping your intake of fruits and vegetables is not only important for your overall health, but it can help you meet your water intake goals. Celery and cucumbers even have a whopping 95% water content! Whether it means adding a salad to your dinner or munching on an apple or some strawberries as a snack, eating more fruits and veggies will definitely help you "drink" more water. 

Flavor It!

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Jocelyn Hsu

I'm not gonna lie - I know that drinking water can get a little boring at times, especially if you're making it a habit for the very first time. While you begin to crave it eventually, it can be hard to get over that initial "hump," especially when everyone's so used to the flavor that many other beverages supply. To keep your water fresh, enticing, and interesting, consider infusing it with freshly cut fruits, a sprig of mint, or a packet of sugar-free lemonade drink mix. Mixing your glasses of plain water in with glasses of flavored water is sure to help keep your interest piqued!

Commit To Water At Mealtime 

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Or at least at one meal each day! I get it - life can get hectic, and somedays it can be difficult to remember to do the simple things that keep us healthy, such as drinking enough water. By committing to choosing water at at least one mealtime every day, you'll always have guaranteed yourself a couple cups toward your daily goal, even if your day gets crazy. Also, choosing water will leave you feeling less bloated after your meal than if you chose a carbonated drink, such as a soda.

Set Realistic Goals

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Katie Park

Few things feel as crummy as setting a goal only to not achieve it. That's why it's so incredibly important to set realistic goals. By setting realistic goals, you'll successfully reach more milestones, which will encourage you to keep up with your water resolution! So if you're not a big water drinker to start out, don't aim to drink the full 11.5 cups or 15.5 cups within the first day or so. Take is slow and steady! Consider starting with half that amount (or less) and up your intake from there. Take a look at your water-drinking habits and decide what goals are most realistic and attainable for you. 

With these tips to guide you, you are well on your way toward your goal to drink more water. The most important thing you can do is have patience and faith in yourself, and you'll be getting your recommended daily intake of water in no time!