A new H-mart opened in Cary, NC and it’s AMAZING. I took a trip there just so I could tell you what all the buzz is about. There’s something for everyone (INCLUDING A FOOD COURT FOR THE HUNGRY SHOPPER) but I don’t want to give anything away. Here’s 8 reasons why you should go to H-mart ASAP:
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Victoria Bliss

1. The produce section is like no other.

Victoria Bliss

Who doesn’t like fresh, exotic fruit? And for cheap compared to other places *cough cough* Whole Foods. They have everything you’ll find in a typical produce section but also things you won’t find at your local HT. Like Korean pears, kabocha, dragon fruit and even a wide assortment of mushrooms. Ever heard of Pom Pom mushrooms??

Just check out these huge jack fruits:
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Victoria Bliss

2. There’s basically a seafood market inside.

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Victoria Bliss

Unless you live by the ocean, you’re probably not going to find a better seafood selection than H-mart. They have a wide variety, including whole fish that they will fillet for you. PRO TIP: When you order fish, say 1 if you want it just cleaned, 2 if you want it cleaned and the head taken off, or 3 if you want it clean and filleted. They also have sushi grade tuna and salmon, and a great assortment of shellfish like squid, abalone, sea urchin and even LIVE LOBSTER. Just don't ask me how you are suppose to get that home.

3. There’s a whole wall of kimchi.

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Victoria Bliss

Do I need to say more? If you need a new way to use all the kimchi you'll buy, check out the Spoon recipe video for Kimchi Mac and Cheese.


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Victoria Bliss

PLEASE JUST STOP buying minute rice in the box. Buy one of these huge bags and a big pot and you’ll be set for your whole college career. AND you won’t believe how much better this rice taste than the instant stuff. I promise.

5. They sell out of Sriracha faster than ketchup.

Victoria Bliss

This fiery “hipster ketchup” has gain a lot of traction in the college community for its ability to add flavor to basically anything. And it’s pretty cheap. No wonder this shelf is almost empty.

6. They have all the Aloe Vera Juice you need.

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Victoria Bliss

If you haven’t experienced the newest health drink craze, head over to the nearest H-mart to pick up a couple (or many) bottles of Aloe Vera juice. They have a whole wall of different flavors and it is said to have many health benefits, like boosting your immune system and aiding digestion.

7. Their Pocky selection is ridiculous.

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Victoria Bliss

As a kid I grew up eating these delectable Japanese treats. If you’ve never had one, they’re long biscuit sticks covered in chocolate, strawberry or another one of their 50 different flavors. Although H-mart doesn’t stock all the flavors, they have a wide variety with some of the best ones, like cookies and cream and almond crush. They’re kind of hidden throughout the store (maybe so they don’t sell out!) I found these in the freezer section by the dim-sum, but they are packs at the register too just in case you need to grab some on the way out.


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Victoria Bliss

Last but certainly not least are these little balls of heaven. If you’re wondering why everyone is obsessed with mochi, you’ve obviously never had one – because they are delicious AF. Imagine a perfect golf ball size scoop of frozen goodness surrounded by a soft layer of sweet dough. That’s mochi ice cream. And you can get it in multiple flavors at H-mart. My favorite: Matcha. Just don’t blame me when you eat all six in one sitting…

Still not convinced by these 8 reasons to go to H-mart? I think you'll just have to trust me on this one and check it out for yourself. You'll find these 8 reasons and more to go BACK to H-mart again and again and again...