The tree is up, the lights are strung, and all that's left to do is binge watch Christmas movies until Christmas day. To optimize the warm, fuzzy feelings that often accompany Christmas movies, you'll need the perfect treat to pair with your movie of choice. Here are all the best Christmas movie food pairings.  

1. Elf & Spaghetti

Everyone knows how much Buddy the Elf loves spaghetti, especially coated in syrup. While syrup and sprinkles may not be your topping of choice, spaghetti is the perfect comfort food to enjoy while watching Elf. Plus, if you're hungry for dessert, you could also eat a whole roll of Tollhouse cookie-dough as fast as you can. 

2. The Polar Express & Hot Chocolate 

Nothing says the holidays like being cuddled up drinking hot chocolate. With the classic hot chocolate scene from Polar Express, hot chocolate is the obvious choice to pair with this movie. While you may not have anyone singing and dancing while serving yours, you can spice up your hot chocolate with some homemade recipes for the perfect viewing experience. 

3. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer & Reindeer Chow 

It's only right to pair Rudolph with delicious reindeer chow. Reindeer chow can be made a variety of ways but usually includes some variation of cereal, white chocolate, and Christmas colored candies, making it the ideal Christmas movie food pairing.

4. Home Alone & Cheese Pizza 

Hopefully you don't have to share your Christmas movie snacks with a household of hungry family members like Kevin, because cheese pizza is the best way to enjoy Home Alone. While you can always add the toppings of your choice, you can't go wrong with cheese pizza, plus it's Kevin's favorite. 

5. The Santa Clause & Milk and Cookies

Since milk and cookies is Santa's treat of choice, it only makes sense that it's the treat you enjoy while watching The Santa Clause. If you want to get extra festive, you can even eat homemade Christmas themed cookies dunked in milk for the best Christmas movie food pairing. 

6. Love Actually & Cocktail Appetizers 

For a Christmas movie that gets everyone in their feels, you have to eat the food that started the story to begin with. Since Love Actually is based on several characters that act as cater waiters, we are going to be eating the food they serve up, such as stuffed mushrooms or shrimp cocktail, while watching this romantic holiday classic. 

7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas & Candy Canes

While the Grinch may prefer to eat roast beast around the holidays, we prefer to pair this classic Christmas movie with the most classic Christmas treat: candy canes. You can't beat a candy cane around Christmas, especially while snuggled up watching The Grinch.

8. A Charlie Brown Christmas & Popcorn

Since Charlie Brown decorates his cute little tree with popcorn, might as well eat popcorn while we watch the movie. Popcorn is a classic movie watching snack but, if you want yours to have an extra Christmas touch, you could also enjoy some holiday themed popcorn

Every Christmas movie is better with a treat to pair it with. Whether your an Elf fan or prefer classics like The Grinch, you'll need the perfect Christmas movie food pairing to really get in the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas, and happy binge-watching.