Having the opportunity to live in Bangkok definitely has its perks. Besides being able to enjoy Thai street food every day I also find out which spots simply can't be missed when in Thailand. This includes markets, which happen to be some of the best places to find delicious food in Bangkok. If you're on a time crunch you may not be able to visit all of the markets in Bangkok (there are dozens), so I've compiled a list of my favorite markets in Bangkok and why you should visit them. Check it out!

Chatuchak Market

Closest public transportation: BTS Mo Chit / MRT Chatuchak

Easily the most famous market in Bangkok, Chatuchak is perfect for anyone on the hunt for souvenirs, vintage clothing or food. At this weekend-only market you'll be able to sample anything from authentic Thai coconut ice cream to huge plates of paella. The market is huge so you're going to want to wear something comfortable, and more importantly, cool. Jeans are a no-no here.

JJ Green

Closest public transportation: BTS Mo Chit / MRT Chatuchak

The nighttime edition of Chatuchak Market, JJ Green was created with the younger generation specifically in mind. This market is not only the mecca of knock-off clothing and trendy accessories but it also has tons of easy-to-eat bites as well. The  space also has quite a few outdoor bars, so if you're in the mood for a cheap drink or two you should definitely stop by (just make sure you bring the mosquito repellant). 

Ratchada Train Market

Closest public transportation: MRT Thailand Cultural Centre

If you're hoping to try as much Thai food as physically possible before heading back home then the Ratchada Train Market is a must-visit. One of the most popular night markets, this spot has hundreds of food vendors meaning you'll be able to find everything from leng zabb (a spicy pork dish) to giant lobster tom yum to your standard pad thai.

Khlong Toei Market

Closest public transportation: MRT Queen Sirikit Convention Centre 

The largest fresh market in Bangkok, this spot is great for picking up produce you may not be able to find in your home country. You'll be able to get your hands on juicy lychee, fresh pomelo and huge durian at a fraction of the cost of other spots. Just head there early, things get busy. 

Phra Khanong Market

Closest public transportation: BTS Phra Khanong

One of the lesser known and smaller markets in Thailand, the area around Phra Khanong Market hosts one of the largest Burmese populations, resulting in its nickname "Little Burma". While the market itself is primarily popular for purchasing produce you'll also be able to find vendors serving up authentic Burmese cuisine. 


Closest public transportation: BTS Saphan Taksin 

A bit touristy, Asiatique is less like a market and more like an outdoor shopping mall. I'd say this place is best known for its seafood, which is unsurprising considering it's located right next to the Chao Praya River. You can also find more gimmicky items like an entire grilled crocodile and deep fried insects. 

Or Tor Kor Market

Closest public transportation: MRT Khampaeng Phet

Listed as one of the top 10 markets in the entire world, Or Tor Kor Market is the perfect place for anyone hoping to try local produce like fruits and vegetables. While the highlight of the market is definitely their high-quality produce (which is a bit more expensive than at other spots) you shouldn't miss out on their cooked food section either.

W Market

Closest public transportation: BTS Phra Khanong

With more foreign visitors than Thai's this might not be the most authentic market on this list but the fun space is great for anyone looking to try a variety of dishes without having to move around. At W Market you can dig into food from all over the world including Indian curries, American BBQ and Japanese yakitori.  

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