If you usually feel tired, weak and have frequent body pain, you my friend are not living a healthy life. But do not fret as we bring you to the secret of being immortal. Or if not immoral, will surely increase your lifespan. Here are 8 easy every day step that will help in making you a superhuman.

1. An Apple a Day

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Julia Gilman

Apple should be your best friend. While all the other friends are breaking your heart and tearing it apart, apple here helps in reducing the risks of heart disease. While your other friends give you chocolates and sweets and make you fat, apple here helps in managing weight and diabetes. 

Apple will also ensure you don't forget all this because according to a research study, Apples are also beneficial to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Lemon-Aid

lemon, juice, citrus, lemonade
Jocelyn Hsu

Throw out all your anti-aging creams because lemon here is gonna take care of your skin. It is gonna take care of it real nice.

Lemon has Vitamin C. And you know what Vitamin C does? It reduces the wrinkles and provides better skin. True Story.

Not only that, it also promotes hydration, digestion, reduces dandruff and also helps in kissing. Because it gives a fresh breathe. Thus, it is highly recommended.

3. 4 Dates (Not what you think) 

sweet, date
Kiera Murphy

Date palm or Date is an edible fruit. Don't be disheartened because it actually quite useful in real dates.

Date palm helps in avoiding overeating of food. It provides a relief from constipation and diarrhea.  And if you drink too much, it also helps in sobering up from hangover.

Do give compliments to chef for obvious reasons. (Not so obvious for you? Read THIS to get the reference.)

4. 5 Almonds (Exactly what you think)

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Kendra Valkema

Our parents were right. Damn it! 

Do you have people, things or places in your life that irritate, annoy or anger you? Not to worry because we bring to you  Almond everyday pack. Almonds help in controlling blood pressure levels. It also helps in reducing chest pain.

In case life becomes blurry and you don't know which way to get out, Almonds will rescue you! Because they  help in improved vision and also reduces hypertension.

So what are you waiting for? Get your packet of fresh looking almonds today. In a grocery store near you.

5. Bottoms Up

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Denise Uy

Rumors you heard, they're all true,

Water water everywhere

Water is life and it isn't blue.

Water is like the person you go to, for everything.

Feeling unclean? Water. Skin needs improvement? Water. Dehydrated? Water. More oxygen? Water. Kidney Stones? Water. Partner cheats on you? Water. To throw on their face.

But how much? People often suggest 8 glasses. But if you actually ask this question to yourself, 'Am I thirsty?' And drink water every time the answer is a 'yes', you would be just fine. Easiest method ever.

6. Lactose Tolerant

water, tea, milk
Alex Frank

For all those who can drink milk, chug it like a beer bottle.

People having crushes should have milk because it helps in dealing with respiratory problems. No respiratory problems, no breathing like a patient when your crush merely talks to you.

Also good for the bones. Let's just say if you drink milk everyday, you will be strong enough to protect yourself from surprise attacks. Like when your phone falls on your face.

7. Breath in. Breath Out.

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Marina Wollmann

While it is important to eat, it is also important to meditate everyday. Your mental health is as important as your physical health. 

In order to increase your life span or make life healthier, it is important to have an emotional balance. After you meditate, the world is a better place. Meditation is an art. It is like restoration of peace. And according to Katrina Kaif in Zindagi Na Milegi Dubaara, it is also like scuba diving.

8. A Romance with the Bed

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Jocelyn Hsu

Sleeping is so essential. Let me correct that. Correct amount of sleeping is very essential. When one sleeps, one gives the body enough energy to wake up again.

According to a study , Not sleeping enough leads to making bad decisions.  It reduces thinking skills.

Indeed, one should have a romance with the bed. But every good thing should come to an end and every bed needs a break. Therefore, an adult should have a good deep sleep for not more than 9 hours.

In order to have a healthy (mortal or immortal) life, you have two options. Either follow these 8 life hacks everyday or get bitten by a vampire. 

Happy living!