If you go to the University of Michigan, chances are, you've probably tried some of the amazing restaurants in Ann Arbor. There are so many of them, though, and it is always hard deciding where to treat yourself to go out and eat when there are so many options. Here are eight Ann Arbor-based food Instagram accounts that will help make that decision a little easier for every foodie.

1. @smallgirl.fatappetite

This account is a must-follow because of its aesthetically pleasing pictures and the wide variety of food that's featured. You really can't beat this picture of sushi. Additionally, the account is humorous, complete with pun-filled captions. 

2. @bestfoodannarbor

This account has been active since 2013, and it still continues to post amazing food pictures, like the tacos pictured above from Isalita. These photos will make you hungry in a second and are a great place to look if you want to try out a new restaurant, considering the account has over 800 posts. The coolest part about this account is that anyone can take it over for a day by going here

3. @michmunchies

This account posts some pretty incredible food pictures and seems to have tried almost every restaurant in Ann Arbor. These pictures are extremely good looking and the account is constantly being updated with new delicious photos.

4. @umicheats

This account is only a few months old, but it is already killing it with tons of posts from all over Ann Arbor (and even some shots from Detroit). It features breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, all while demonstrating some very impressive photography skills.

5. @topdownfood

This account posts extremely high-quality pictures that look professionally taken. It also has descriptive captions that tell you exactly what you're looking at and gives tips for what to order at each restaurant. 

6. @notaleafeats

This account features tons of high-quality pictures of amazing food across Ann Arbor. It is also completely vegetarian, which is a plus for those looking for vegetarian options at certain restaurants.

7. @hungrycollegegal

This account will blow you away with its close up food pictures that will literally make you drool. It features pictures of food from restaurants, as well as some homemade meals, fruit, and drinks.

8. @taaste_buds

This account will make your day with entertaining, funny captions and a plethora of different types of food from Ann Arbor Restaurants. 

If you are looking for a new restaurant to try or just want to enjoy looking at pictures of Ann Arbor food all day, these food accounts definitely won't disappoint. What better way to decide where to eat than to look at actual pictures of food taken at restaurants just miles away?