ABC’s Shark Tank is one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures. Since it first aired seven years ago, there have been a lot of great products coming into the Tank. But where it really shines is with food and drink products. From gourmet jerky to chocolates for period pains (yes, you read that right), here’s the best food and drink products to be featured on Shark Tank.

1. Wicked Good Cupcakes

Shark Tank

Photo courtesy if @wkdgoodcupcakes on Instagram

These delectable deserts were featured on Season 4 of Shark Tank. What originally were cupcakes in a jar turned into a full range of desert-filled jars like brownies, pies, macaroons, and cheesecakes that can be delivered right to your door. The jars are not just an aesthetic choice, but also a practical one as they improve shelf life.

2. Rapid Ramen Cooker

Shark Tank

Photo courtesy of @srirachafiend on Instagram

Season 5 introduced the king of college cooking: the Rapid Ramen Cooker. Making stovetop ramen, while cheap and easy, takes more time than your stomach can handle. Cooking with the Rapid Ramen Cooker will save the average college kid 75% of time, and will ensure the ramen is fully cooked because of its unique design.

3. Three Jerks Beef Jerky

Shark Tank

Photo courtesy of @threejerksjerky on Instagram

Three Jerks was featured on Season 7 of Shark Tank to step up the beef jerky game by using the most expensive cut of beef: filet mignon. Most gas station jerky comes from overworked parts of the cow, making the jerky tough and hard to eat. The jerky doesn’t contain any nitrates, MSG, preservatives, gluten, or sodium, and with flavors like Hamburger, Maple Bourbon Churro, and Chipotle Adobo, these are definitely game-changers.

4. Me & the Bees Lemonade

Shark Tank

Photo courtesy of @mikailasbees on Instagram

Originally named BeeSweet Honey, Me & the Bees was founded by an 11-year-old entrepreneur and her grandmother’s recipe. She came up with the concept when her family encouraged her to enter the Children’s Business Competition when she was only 4 years old. Mikaila is using her popular business to save the bees. A percentage of each sale goes towards education about the importance of honey bees in our eco-system. 

5. Bee Free Honee

Shark Tank

Photo courtesy of @beefreehonee on Instagram

Speaking of bees, Bee Free Honee went on Shark Tank to save the bees with a honey alternative made from apples. Not only is it reducing our use of bees, but Bee Free is vegan and has flavors you can’t get with normal honey, like mint, chocolate, and ancho chile.

6. O’Dang Hummus

Shark Tank

Photo courtesy of @odanghummus on Instagram

O’Dang Hummus is a company created by college student Jesse Wolf, who revolutionized the industry with his brand of hummus and hummus salad dressings. The salad dressings are made with chickpeas instead of fatty oils, so they are always under 35 calories. The range of hummus has several flavors like Bomb-a-Licious Buffalo, and Sweet and Spicy Black Bean, but you can only get them at Florida grocery stores. The hummus-based salad dressings, however, are available online.

7. Hungry Harvest

Shark Tank

Photo courtesy of @hungryharvest on Instagram

Hungry Harvest is a game-changer in the home delivery service game. Over 40% of grown produce gets thrown out because it isn’t pretty to look at: that’s over 6 billion pounds of fresh produce. Hungry Harvest is a cost-effective subscription service that delivers a bag of fresh produce to your door every week. For each bag you get, they donate a meal to a family in need.

8. PMS Bites

Shark Tank

Photo courtesy of @pmsbites on Instagram

This is the solution to your period pains. PMS Bites is a bite sized chocolate candy that will help your hunger pains, without the junk. These bites are vegan, gluten free, and are made with herbs often used to treat mood swings, cramping, and bloating. They don’t contain processed sugars, which can be the worst thing to eat while on PMS, but don’t lack on sweetness.