It's that time of year again, the time where thousands of college students pack up their things and head over seas to study abroad. There are many things people go abroad for, the beauty, the history, the art, but most importantly the food

Here are the 10 foods that us back in America can't be more jealous that you get to eat...

1. Pasta

It doesn't get more traditional than pasta in Italy. From the basil, to the tomatoes, to the parmesan cheese sprinkled on top, no one does pasta like the Italians.

2. Pizza

Whether it be pizza margherita, quattro formaggi, Capricciosa, or the the hundreds of other pizza toppings available, Italy is pizza and that's coming from a Jersey girl. 

3. Crêpes

It wasn't until I went to France that a Crêpe changed my life. Eaten at all times of the day, biting into one is like sinking your teeth in to a pile of pillows. 

4. Pastries

There is nothing like waking up to a beautiful new view and going down to the nearest bakery and having the largest selection of parties to eat. From sweet to savory, from Eclairs to croissants, parties are just as beautiful to eat as they are to look at. 

5. Alcohol 

You all knew it was coming and yes its a food. Spanish Sangria, German Beer, and wine from around the globe there isn't just one form of alcohol we're jealous of, we want it all! 

6. Cheese

This is a personal favorite for me. Cheese is my weakness and no matter how you eat it, melted, in a block or on a cracker abroad is the best place to emerge yourself in pounds of cheesy goodness. Who knew there are seven types of cheeses with endless variations and just not nearly enough time to taste them all.

7. Ice Cream 

Ice cream is great in any part of the world but no matter where you go in the world there is some variation of the American favorite. From Gelato to Mochi, and even fried you can't go wrong with a dessert like that. 

8. Fresh Produce

There is a reason that all the food abroad taste that good, because of the ingredients. Fresh fruit and vegetable markets are not only fun to explore but they provide the best of the best ingredients for our favorite foods. 

So, wherever you choose to study abroad, hopefully you not only explore the streets of a foreign land but the foods that are  just as amazing because, food is culture. But from all of us in the states, trust me, we are jealous.