Okay, while everyone can agree getting into the kitchen and baking for oneself is important, taking that first leap is hard. But, with these boxed cake mix hacks, everyone will think you slaved away in the kitchen whipping up fresh buttercream all day when you really just jazzed up a plain ole boxed cake mix.  Here are eight hacks to get you started in the kitchen.

1. Switch Out the Water for Dairy 

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Alex Frank

I know the box says to use water, but replacing the recommended water with milk or cream can add extra creaminess and richness to your average box cake mix (if you're feeling decadent). To try this hack, simply replace equal parts of milk for the suggested amount of water.

2. Replace the Oil with Melted Butter

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Caroline Ingalls

Another way to add extra richness and pizzazz to a cake mix is to replace the suggested oil with melted butter. Depending on how rich you want the cake to turn out, either replace equal parts or double parts of oil for butter. 

#SpoonTip: For the ultimate box cakecombine hacks #1 and #2 and replace both the water and oil for milk and melted butter!

3. Throw In a Soda or Two

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Kristine Mahan

Out of eggs but want a quick dessert? Instead of mixing in the eggs, oil, and water, just combine a can (12 oz) of your favorite  soda to a box of any cake mix. The combinations are endless! Try mixing a can of cherry cola with chocolate fudge cake mix for the easiest black forest cake ever or some orange soda with vanilla cake for an orange creamsicle cake! 

4. Add a Packet of Pudding 

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Angela Kerndl

Adding a packet of dry instant pudding mix makes a cake so moist, it'll melt in your mouth. Try adding a packet of chocolate pudding mix along with the other ingredients to a box of chocolate cake mix for ultra-fudgy results! 

5. Spice It Up!

Torey Walsh

Feeling creative? Add some mix-ins such as a dash of cayenne pepper and a tablespoon of espresso powder to a chocolate cake mix to enhance the chocolate flavor. Want to get even crazier? Add a handful of chocolate chips to the mix for even more chocolatey flavor! Add sprinkles to white cake mix for DIY confetti cake that tastes as good as it looks. 

6. Swap Apple Sauce for Oil

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Jocelyn Hsu

Out of oil AND butter or just wanna eat healthy (as healthy as a cake can be)? Just substitute equal parts apple sauce for the suggested oil. It'll turn out just as rich and moist, trust me. 

7. Ice Cream and Cake All in One!

Kangan Kansal

Trying to decide between ice cream and cake? Why not both! Turn your favorite flavor of ice cream into cake form by mixing two cups of any flavor of melted ice cream with a box of white cake mix and three eggs together - bake according to package directions. 

8. Easy Cobbler That Will Impress 

meat, cobbler, casserole, crumble, sweet, cranberry
Katelyn Bonanno

Use a box of yellow cake mix as the topping for cobbler! Use two 16 oz cans of any pie filling, pour in a box of dry yellow cake mix, and top with a stick of butter cut into small cubes. Bake for 45 minutes at 375 degrees and enjoy!

Think Outside the Box (Literally)

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Spoon University

Want even more inspiration? Check out this list of awesome sweet stuff you can make with a boxed cake mix! Happy baking!