Hello guys, and welcome to day 764 of quarantine. Ok–obviously exaggerating, BUT...I'm going crazy. I miss restaurants and bars so much that it hurts. Who am I without dine-in restaurants? Just sad. Well, while I patiently wait the grand re-opening of restaurants, I have come up with a list of things that I know we all miss. This isn't a list of things like good food or the best wine, it's a list of weird things that maybe you didn't even realize you missed about dine-in restaurants. So here we go... 

1. Not getting carded for alcohol 

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Melissa Miller

I know it might be annoying in the moment, but don't we all secretly miss the feeling of pulling out your ID at a restaurant to just PROVE you are of age to be drinking? Like yes ma'am, I know that I look roughly 15, but I am, in fact, 24 years old. 

This novelty might have worn off for you over the years, but you can't tell me that it won't be nice to pull out your ID for the first time in months after restrictions are lifted. 

2. Free bathroom tampons

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Kristine Mahan

Told you this list would be weird. Don't you just miss free bathroom tampons? Even when they are the cheapest of cheap tampons, there is just something so nice about finding a restaurant that is courteous enough to go that extra mile its female customers. It is the light at the end of the tunnel that pushes you to get through that time of the month.

Honorable mention: We miss those lovely ladies (strangers) who offer you a tampon when you don't have one. Those are the real ones. 

3. Leftovers

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Tess Citron

Speaking directly to those graduated Spoon members who are working 9-5s like me...What's better than bringing restaurant leftovers to work on Monday morning? Literally nothing. It takes zero effort other than maybe waiting in line for the office microwave.

Need a new innovative way to use your leftovers? Check out this article. 

4. Shooting the sh*t with bartenders

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Alex Frank

Is it really a night out if you don't tell your life story to the bartender? This could also apply to your favorite waiters and waitresses that you see every time at your frequented restaurants. There's just something calming about becoming besties with the staff that I really miss. 

Pro tip: Always make sure to tip your servers! They take care of us, so we need to take care of them (insert heart emoji). 

5. People watching

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Denise Uy

Does anyone else REALLY miss the fine art of people watching? That is a hobby that I know we are all deprived of currently, not just because we miss restaurants, but because people literally aren't leaving their homes. Whenever restaurants go back to "normal" across the U.S., I truly hope you get your people watching fixin'.

6. The ambiance

We all have our favorite restaurant style. For example, I really love any place with excellent lighting on the inside and an Instagram worthy outdoor patio. Some of you might like the dimly lit more romantic places, and others might like the sports bar ambiance. No matter your preference, I bet you miss it.

Some of you (the lucky ones) might be skilled interior designers who have decorated your kitchen to resemble your favorite restaurant vibe. I, however, have not cracked that code. 

7. Getting ready

pregame, Friends, gathering
Jiamo Li

I miss just getting ready to go out. Wether that's putting on a full face of makeup or pregaming with friends, I miss the anticipation and lead up to a night out. I miss wearing cute clothes to a nice dine-in restaurant and I miss wearing going out tops to my favorite bars. Can anyone else relate?

Well that's all I have folks. I know that restaurants are now opening in some states (Ohio included, love that for us Ohioans). But, other states are not quite there and I want you all to know that it'll be ok. Our restaurant addiction will soon be satisfied once again. Until that day, keep enjoying the carry-out & Netflix lifestyle. Who knows, you might even miss these days some day. Or, maybe not.