As a kid, my elementary school teachers would always tell me to spend time in the sun so I'd get my daily dose of vitamin D. However, I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and now go to school in Madison, WI and neither of these places are sunny in the wintertime. Plus, it frequently rains (or snows), meaning it's impossible to get my daily dose of sunshine. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that's hard to get in your system, but you don't need to go outside to get it. Here a few vitamin D rich foods that can help you avoid supplements and stay indoors. 

1. Salmon

cheese, tomato, bread, vegetable, sandwich, meat, lox
Devon Flinn

Fish is an excellent source of vitamin D, especially oily fishes like salmon. Enjoy it with a side salad, mixed vegetables, or fries (yes, really). You can even start your day off with vitamin D in the form of lox on a bagel. 

2. Milk

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Alex Frank

Another name for whole milk is Vitamin D milk, because it contains, you guessed it, vitamin D. There are not many edible sources of vitamin D, which is why all cow's milk in the United States has been fortified with vitamin D since the 1930s. 

3. Egg Yolks

egg, egg yolk, fried egg, omelet
Msu Spoon

Egg yolks often get a bad rap, but they're one of few edible sources of vitamin D. One large egg can give you about 10% of your daily value. This means that I get about 30% of my vitamin D intake just from my breakfast, so more time indoors during the winter for me. 

4. Yogurt

Jason Cruz

Just like milk, many brands of yogurt are fortified with vitamin D. Some yogurts are more fortified than others, so be sure to read labels and find the one that meets your needs.

5. Orange Juice

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Jocelyn Hsu

If you'd like a daily dose of vitamin D, orange juice is a decent option. If you were to make orange juice yourself, it probably wouldn't have as much vitamin D as fortified juice. Be sure to check labels because some brands have more vitamin D than others. 

6. Mushrooms

Julia Benson

Mushrooms aren't super rich vitamin D, but they made the list because they contain 1% of your daily value, plus they're super versatile and cheap. Mushrooms that are grown in or are exposed to sunlight have more vitamin D than those grown in the dark. 

7. Tuna

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Julia Murphy

Just like salmon (see #1), tuna is another oily fish that's one of the best sources of the sun vitamin. Enjoy it in any form, from poké to a classic tuna sandwich

Vitamin D is a hard vitamin to get in your system, but it's not impossible to get your daily dose. On gloomy and cold days, you can stay inside since you're bound to like at least one of these vitamin D rich foods.