There's only three weeks left in spring semester, which means only one good thing is happening; it's starting to get warm outside. While it's stressful to think about all the finals coming up, and sad to think about all the friends you're going to be leaving, just think about all of the frozen treats you are going to be having this summer. 

Whether you're planning on chilling by the beach or have a killer summer internship, there's no better reward for finishing off the day with a nice ice-cold treat. So kick back, relax, and enjoy all of these treats that are clearly better when eaten frozen. 

1. Grapes

Thankfully, this treat has gotten pretty mainstream by now, but it still needs to be mentioned. Frozen grapes are healthy, refreshing and fun to eat. When I get home to my dorm after a long day in the NYC heat, I whip out some grapes from the freezer and immediately feel chilled out.

2. Margaritas

cocktail, juice, sweet, ice
Katie Elliott

This treat is the best for when you're having a girl's night out or a chill night in. Or you could even make this drink pretty easily at home—either way, it would be great to drink on the beach, or at home pretending you're at the beach.

3. Hot Chocolate

Okay, so maybe it's a bit contradictory, or quite literally an oxymoron, but hot chocolate is simply way better frozen. This one is from Serendipity 3 in NYC—it's chocolately, delicious, and perfect for when it's warm outside. 

4. Peanut Butter Cups

peanut butter, peanut, butter, chocolate
Reed Erickson

Now this is perfect example of a food that you probably wouldn't expect to be better frozen, but it absolutely is. I discovered this accidentally when I got peanut butter cups from a cold vending machine. The moment I bit into them I knew I had discovered something glorious. The next time you get peanut butter cups, put them in the freezer and I swear your life will be changed. 

5. Yogurt

Yogurt is better frozen in two ways. It is better frozen when you make it at home and just put little dots on a tray and stick them in the freezer, and it's also better frozen when you get it from the store. Frozen yogurt is one of my favorite desserts in the summer and is way more fun than plain, chilled yogurt.

6. Juice

ice cream, popsicle, mango, ice
Sofia Gonzalez

So this one might be a bit obvious, but juice is about 5000% better frozen. I mean, who doesn't love popsicles? They're easy to make at home, super cheap to buy from the store, and they're a delicious and healthy way to beat the heat.

7. Coffee

Last but not least, we have frozen coffee. In the summer, frozen is way better than even cold brew. Frozen coffee can even be easily made at home just by blending plain cold coffee with some ice. It's the perfect way to boost your caffeine and stay up all night without risking overheating in  sweltering heat.

...And that's a wrap! Basically, any food tastes better frozen in the summer, which is why these are all so perfect. What's even better is that many of these you can easily make most of them at home. When you're dying in the heat or trying to study for finals, try one of these frozen treats!.