There are two kinds of people who claim to love food – those who love cooking and the others who love eating. And one thing that’s common is the love for cooking shows. If you think you are addicted to MasterChef, keep reading! I absolutely love this show and people around me don’t always understand why. I remember my hostel days when I used to have my own SHERLOCK-GOT kind of moments, trying to  stream the new episodes through the slow painful Hostel Wifi. It was definitely worth it, MasterChef being the total stress buster during exams. 

Here is a list of things I have noticed over the years of watching the show. So how many do you relate to? 

1) You absolutely love the Masterchef kitchen.

It’s a total delight to be cooking in that kitchen with a fully loaded pantry and every equipment required to make every dish come to life and it’s probably your dream to be cooking there. *sobs* Just realized that I can't cook. 

2) You watch the MasterChef seasons of every country.

You are crazy not just about MasterChef India but are an ardent fan of USA, Australia, Canada, Brazil and every country that has it( psst.. there are atleast forty)  and may not even know most of the food that is cooked but love for food shows is infinite. 

3) Kids cooking at an age when you weren’t even allowed in the kitchen. 

At 8, we hardly knew the names of all the dishes let alone being allowed to cook something on our own. Parents letting the kids learn at such a young age is pretty amazing. My mom would probably be freaking out that I would burn the house down.  

4) These kids can cook better than most of us at 21.

It’s an achievement if you can make anything more than just instant noodles. And these kids can cook a steak to perfection or roll out the pasta from scratch. Nothing can beat a challenge to cook an alligator. But guess what… these kids nailed it! *BRAVO*  

5) Cooking an egg to perfection is not that easy.

A common challenge you have seen is cooking the egg perfectly and wondered why is it a big deal because we make it almost every day. And you have definitely tried making a poached egg and failed utterly. Don’t worry dost, we are all in this together.  *cue the high school musical song*

6) You probably hate waiting a week for the new episode.

May not be a suspense thriller to keep you on the edge or make you feel intrigued about the next episode, but you definitely don’t miss any episode when it airs. And you are glad that a season ends at once and you don’t have to wait for a year for the next. *happiness overload*   

7) You are totally crushing on Gordon Ramsay. 

How can I miss out GORDON RAMSAY! He is a total savage on Hell’s Kitchen. His tweets roasting people are endless. Check them out . But you totally adore him on Masterchef. *heart bursts out* And he is absolutely cute with the kids. Totally in LOVE!  

Did this make you miss the show already? Just the right time as MASTERCHEF JUNIOR USA season it is. Go watch it and spread the food love!