Ah, the barbeque, the quintessential summer activity. In an age of screen to screen communication, it is one of the best ways to actually bring people together. Unfortunately, planning a barbeque, which is the kind of event that seems casual only because every detail was thought of, can be a daunting task. Fear not, because here are 7 things to consider in order to plan the perfect barbeque, and enjoy it too.

1. The Food 

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Alexandra Tringali

Food is without contest the most important part of any barbeque, which is why it is the hardest to get right. One may think you can just throw a few hotdogs on a grill, but you have to consider that your guests may be there for a large part of the day, so having a variety of food - and condiments - is important.

While some kind of grilled meat may be expected, consider also throwing together some easy veggie skewers, grilled corn, (while these are good for everyone, you may have guests who don't want or like meat) , or even grilled fruits for dessert. Also, some basic chips, dip, and other snack food will always be appreciated for while the grilling is taking place. 

2. The Drinks

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Sheon Han

When the summer sun is ablaze, refreshments will be a key part of keeping you and your guests cool and happy. When planning a barbeque, one easy way to supply beverages for a large group of people is to buy in bulk. This can apply from anything to lemonade or water bottles to beer and cocktails. You can narrow down what types of drinks you buy based on who is coming as well, which will save money and time.

For any group, water is always a good idea, especially on a hot summer day. After that, you can supply either lemonade or iced tea if you have kids in attendance, or do not choose to serve alcohol. And beyond even that, throwing together a cooler of various beers, or a build your own drink table with choices of liquor and mixers, can allow your guests to help themselves and allow you to not worry about keeping things stocked throughout the day.

3. The Guests

Anna Johnson

It's your barbeque, you can invite whoever you want, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

4. The Games

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Sarah Bundra

Games are an easy way to instantly upgrade any barbeque. Sure, hanging out, grilling and chatting with friends is always fun, but having a game (or tournament, if you're feeling crazy) of bean bag toss, horseshoes, beer pong, or croquet can quickly create added entertainment for you and your guests.

5. The Weather

Tina Liu

Poor weather is a very efficient way to completely derail barbeque plans. Try planning no more than about a week in advance, to try to keep weather predictions semi-accurate, and then don't stress if things don't work out. The best thing about a barbeque is it's casual, and usually easy to reschedule - especially if you already have all the supplies you need.

6. The Supplies

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Christin Urso

Lets be honest, the worst part about throwing a shindig of any kind is the cleanup afterwards. This can be minimized a lot by having things like paper plates and napkins, plastic utensils and large garbage, recycling and/or compost bins already outside, so everyone can clean up their own mess as they go. Also, don't forget the food basics like condiments, salt, pepper, etc. 

7. The Enjoyment

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Grace Bodkin

This may be the most important tip of all, it is imperative that you remember this. Do not, under any circumstances... forget to enjoy yourself! You have spent a lot of time and money planning this day, so now you deserve to grab a veggie skewer and a beer, sit back, and enjoy the good company.