Thank God for the Pilgrims. Am I right or am I right? And of course we need to give a special shoutout to good ol’ Abe Lincoln for making Thanksgiving a nationally celebrated holiday since 1863.

These people dedicated one FULL day to our most reliable companion… FOOD.
If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, then… What’s wrong with you?


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This day is the perfect excuse to shove your face with absolutely zero judgements. And if someone’s giving you the eyes from across the room, tell them to STUFF it (no pun intended). Or try telling them that jealousy is an ugly trait? Or maybe try chewing that good good with your mouth open; they’ll turn away instantly, trust me.

For those of you who cherish this day as much as I do, it’s time to get thankful. And for those of you who don’t, be thankful anyways. Here’s the absolute best thanksgiving foods to cue that food coma on this most sacred holiday:

1. Candied-Sweet Potatoes


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Who doesn’t love brown sugar, marshmallows, and carbs? All melted to glorious perfection? That’s the good stuff, no doubt about it.

2. Stuffing


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Get in my TUMMMMY. We’re all thinking it.

3. Cranberry Sauce


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Not only do you win with the pop of color, but it’s just dang delicious.

4. Corn Bread & Biscuits


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CARBS. My favorite word. Slap on dat butter and you’re straight up in heaven.

5. Turkey


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‘Cause everyone needs some meat. There’s a wishbone in there too so time to get lucky.

6. Gravy


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Who doesn’t love some FLAVUH.

7. Pie


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Pumpkin is definitely the best in my opinion, but the choices are endless. We need to satisfy that sweet tooth at some point.

Preparation: Buy a pair of pants one size bigger. Those babies can’t unbutton themselves.

Peace. Love. Thanksgiving.