It's the best week of the year - Shark Week! The Discovery Channel is showing special shows every night this week capturing the ocean's top predator. Whether or not you are watching the JAWESOME week, you should sink your teeth into these 7 shark-themed recipes

1. Fish Tacos

lime, salad, chicken, fish, lettuce, vegetable, tacos
Zoe Zaiss

Fish are friends, not food. Unless you're eating like a shark and enjoying these amazing fish tacos with cabbage slaw. These are the perfect meal to go with the nightly feeding-frenzy festivities during Shark Week. Plus, who doesn't love tacos?!

2. Poke Bowl

vegetable, tomato, pepper, salad
Haley Greco

This KILLER recipe for DIY poke bowls might be the best and easiest way to eat like a shark this week (or any week). Just don't forget you'll need fresh fish since poke is eaten raw!

3. Shark Candy Sushi

Speaking of raw fish...this sushi recipe does not have any! And a much better alternative to eating shark meat. Make candy sushi with shark gummies instead. You'll be saving sharks and enjoying these cute treats! It says for kids, but we both know people of all ages would devour these in a hurry. 

4. Shark Bark Candy

"Shark Bark" Wait, that can't be right? Yet it is, and it is delicious. This is a very creative (and a tad bloody) chocolate bark recipe that will get you in the mood to watch some vicious predators. 

5. Shark Bite Cupcakes

These cupcakes are deFINitively worth every BITE. Consider using half an Oreo or another cookie for the fin or replacing it with a shark gummy. Also, don't panic if you don't have a fancy "cupcake corer," you can simply cut a small cone out of the center of the cake. 

6. Shark Attack Shot

sweet, tea, gelatin, jam
Nicole Alberta

Last thing you need before you watch tonight's Shark Week episode is a little booze. Or a lot of booze. These blue and bloody shots are the perfect way to bring your watch party to the next level. 

7. Shark Attack Cocktail

cocktail, wine, alcohol, juice, liquor, ice
Arden Sarner

Not in the "shots" mood? Try out this cocktail recipe that is just as boozy and bloody. Remember to raise your glass to another year of not being shark-bait! HOO-HA-HA

Once you've enjoyed your treats and had drink or two, sit back and relax as the best hunters in the ocean sink their teeth into their own treats right on your TV.