There are many amazing dairy products in this world, but one trumps all others: cheese. I mean just think of all the foods that simply wouldn't exist without cheese. There's pizza, nachos, etc. It can pretty much make any food 100x better. Here are just a few reasons why cheese is the greatest food ever.  

1. It Can Be Paired with Wine 

This is a very important characteristic of cheese. Whoever thought to create the wonderful pairing of wine and cheese is an absolute legend and will certainly go down in history. They have created many incredible nights for people around the world. 

2. It Is Appropriate To Eat It All by Itself

Again, whoever created cheese platters... we thank you. It is actually socially appropriate to eat slices of cheese by themselves for an appetizer, during happy hour, or honestly, just because. 

3. It Can Be Melted Down to a Dip

Taking after a nationwide favorite, the Melting Pot, you can melt down your favorite cheese to fondue and dip vegetables, bread, or whatever your cheese-loving heart desires into the warm cheese dip. 


Caroline Aronowitz

According to (this is a beautiful website, please explore), there are over 1831 different kinds of cheeses in the world. There's hard cheese, soft cheese, new cheese, old cheese, and many more, so you'll never get bored. So get out there cheese enthusiasts, there is so much to try.

5. Cheese Can Fit Your Mood

Are you feeling classy? Whip out the gouda or melted brie with some crackers. Feeling healthy? Where's the goat or feta at? Want some cheese to just put you in a good mood? Find the mozzarella. Cheese is always there of you, no matter what you're feeling.

6. It's Good for You 

Another reason why cheese is the best food ever: it is good for your body! Research shows that it actually helps bone health and dental health due to the high levels of calcium. So next time you find yourself overdoing it on the cheese, just know you are getting your vitamins! 

7. You Can Make Countless More Foods 

macaroni, pasta, spaghetti, cheese, cheddar, sauce, vegetable
Jocelyn Hsu

If you're not into consuming large quantities of straight cheese, I don't relate. But, there are many other wonderful foods you can create with it. Think about it. Mac and cheese, grilled cheeses, cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks, cheese fries. The list is endless, I mean, you just can't beat it. All of these foods would not even be possible without the beauty of cheese.

So if these reasons didn't convince you that cheese is one of the best foods ever, just keep exploring. It's bound to convince you someday. And with this I leave you with: cheese is the greatest food ever. Try and change my mind.