Food, food, food, what do you eat all day? What are family activities planned around? What do you complain and rave about? Food is the answer. Come be a part of K-State’s Spoon University chapter and be passionate about food. 

1. You get your work published on a legit website.

Yeah that’s right, people will know your name (okay maybe not everyone, but your grandma can read it on the website). But seriously, Spoon University gets a ton of traffic – beep beep, meeting my future boss. Your work may even be published nationally!

Spoon K-State

Photo courtesy of @spoon_kstate on Instagram.

2. Your circle of friends expands outside of your college.

Yeah, clubs within your major are cool but getting to know people from all different types of majors on campus is awesome. And if you’re anything like me, just getting to know people is cool. 

3. You get to write about your passions.

If you have a passion other than food, you can work it into a Spoon article. Do you like kids? What do kids do? They eat. Like animals? What do animals do? Eat. Like computers? What do they do? Ok, they don’t eat, but they are used in the food production process.

Spoon K-State

Photo courtesy of @spoon_kstate on Instagram.

4. Spoon teaches the skills you need, no prior training required.

Skills are a major key. Spoon has the resources to teach you more skills including marketing, writing, photography, videography and leadership, not to mention collaboration is a huge part of being on this team. It’s extra practice for when you become part of the real world.

5. It’s an easy excuse to try new foods.

Now you have an excuse to be that person who is putting Sriracha on everything for a week or asking for the secret menu at places. You can be all like, “Yeah, it’s for an article. Check it out on Spoon K-State.”

Spoon K-State

Photo by Jake Weber

6. You can share and expand your cooking skills.

Some day when you’re in that real world place (I know, scary), you might have to cook for yourself and maybe even others – yikes! Spoon is a great place to build your recipe portfolio and experiment with food ideas.

7. Spoon is a great resume builder.

Spoon University looks great on your resume. Not only at Spoon University can you get your work published, but your participation in the club can look great to employers. Plus, we just might help you keep your sanity in these next four, five or six years (no one’s judging).

Joining Spoon K-State is a great way to enhance your college experience. We would love to have you on our team. Interested in applying? Click here. If you have any questions, contact us at