Valentine's Day might be over, but chocolate is forever. You never need an excuse to eat this sweet treat. Fortunately for chocolate lovers, not everyone eats Valentine's Day chocolate after the holiday is over. So popular chocolate brands put their products on sale because heart-shaped boxes go out of style until next Valentine's Day. 

Use this sale to stock up on chocolate, because regardless of the box's shape, it's what's on the inside that truly matters (or so I've been told).

1. Godiva

Buying Godiva chocolate for someone is some next level sh*t. You're not going to buy this delicious treat for that frat guy who might ask you to Netflix and chill on Valentine's Day. But, you know who does deserve this fancy chocolate? You do. Treat yourself to 50% off Godiva, and buy two for the price of one.  

2. Lindt 

If you're feeling classy and want to eat inexpensive truffles, Lindt is the brand for you. Select Lindt chocolate is 50% off, but it's still 100% delicious. You can get this favorite in stores or online.

3. Hershey's

Hershey has so many chocolate options on sale, you can stock up and have a different chocolate to eat until next Valentine's Day. This childhood brand will make you smile and reminisce, even if you're eating it while crying in your bed (no judgment). 

4. Russell Stover  

A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands, and Russell Stover can make that possible for you. This popular brand, sold in almost every drugstore, is easy to buy and definitely easy to eat. Russell Stover's 20% off sale will make you wish you had more hands to eat more chocolate. 

5. Ghirardelli 

Sadly, this 50% off Ghirardelli chocolate doesn't come with the dog. But, you can make your dog some treats, and celebrate Valentine's Day all over again with your pup. Plus, your dog won't try to eat your chocolate.  

6. Elmer

If you want chocolate that is simple and sweet, Elmer is for you. This chocolate will be a delicious cure for any bad day, so stock up while it's on sale and enjoy. 

7. Twix

Whether you like left Twix or right Twix, this sale will make you love heart-shaped Twix. I've met some guys I didn't like, but I've never met a Twix I didn't like. So, indulge in this candy, and remember, falling in chocolate is better than falling in love.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get, but at least now you know you're going to get a sale. For some, there is chocolate on Valentine's Day and for others, there's chocolate all year long.