Picture this: You have jumped back in time and your little fifth grade self is playing outside on a sunny Friday afternoon. After running around until you fall over from exhaustion, you reach for a Capri Sun, Gatorade, or (if your parents are super #dope) a Kool-Aid to quench your thirst.

Flash forward and you are “all grown up” and in college. Obviously, now when we reach for that Capri Sun or Kool Aid we’re at the pregame trying to quench our slightly more adult thirst. Now we add a little something to make our drinks grow up too: alcohol. Read on to see how your favorite childhood drinks grew up, even if you haven’t yet.

1. Yoo Hoo


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Chocolate milk is a classic enjoyed by children and those who are young at heart. It’s creamy, sweet, and most importantly, chocolate. Slip some Bailey’s in there and you’ve got an Irish chocolate milk. The cream liqueur blends perfectly with the milk, and the whiskey gives it that kick it needs. It’s like a St. Patrick’s Day party in your mouth. Check out this article for more St. Patty’s Inspo.

2. Gatorade


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The life giving liquid that’s not water. As a kid, you would put your friends in a head lock hunger games style to get your favorite flavor. Now your Katniss like skills are used to get the last of the Grey Goose. The best way to resolve all this tension is to make a nice batch of fadorade. Get all the random alcohol you have leftover from last weekend, mix it all up with Gatorade, and forget your problems.

3. Capri Sun


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Us 90’s kids sure do love Capri Sun. After all, it’s the ideal drink for a day at the beach. It’s sweet, fruity, and comes in a sick portable pouch. I remember running around on the beach as a kid with one always in my hand. Now when you’re at a beach party, grab some vodka and make yourself a nice mixie. Spoontip: try to put the vodka directly into the pouch for a black ops cocktail.

4. Kool Aid


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Kool Aid: the pinnacle of everyone’s childhood. As a kid you spent hours perfecting the perfect ratio of powder to water. Sounds similar to your weekends now, right?. “Vat”, “jungle juice” or “frat punch” all still require the perfect ratio of powder and water, but with the added ingredients of alcohol and bad decision making. Only the most experienced of mixologists can master this delicate recipe.

5. Orange Juice


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The quintessential breakfast drink, defender of immune systems, and mom approved juice. It’s pretty much a health drink, right? Let’s fix that. Add a healthy dose of vodka and you’ve got yourself a screw driver. Best part about this drink is you can’t taste the vodka at all. Have leftovers? Turn it into a dank shot.

6. Shirley Temple


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As a kid, when I would try to fit in with the adults at family parties I would mix myself a shirley temple, which is pretty much a cocktail when you’re a youngin’. Nowadays, when I want to feel like being both a kid and an adult, I’ll make a dirty shirley.

7. Lemonade


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This is kind of like your ten cent lemonade stand you had years ago, but with tequila. It’s kind of like you’re making a margarita, but it’s as ratchet as your night will be after a few of these. #Spoontip: Remember to only have three since you know what comes after that, the floor.

Hannah Montana was right, when you mix it all together you do get the best of both worlds. Feeling frisky yet? Check out these other dirty drinks.