One of my favorite parts about winter is sipping a steamy cup of hot chocolate and watching "Elf." There are some days, however, where I have serious hot cocoa cravings, but I don't feel like drinking an entire cup of hot milk. The solution—stop drinking it and start eating it. Luckily, from cookies to Boomchickapop, there are tons of hot chocolate-flavored foods out there for you to try.  

1. Hot Cocoa Oreos

Enjoy the classic combo of hot chocolate and marshmallows in a crunchy, sweet cookie form. These Oreos have both cocoa and marshmallow creme. You still can have a steamy cup of hot cocoa with your cookies, though. No one's stopping you. 

2. Boomchickapop

For only 110 calories per cup, you could have popcorn, marshmallows, and hot chocolate. Angie's Boomchickapop presents to you hot cocoa-flavored kettle corn that tastes exactly like a big cup of wintery goodness. Eat it in a mug or just straight out of the bag in front of Ebeneezer Scrooge and all three ghosts. 

3. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

cream, cake, chocolate, cream cheese, whipped cream
Jaime Wilson

These cupcakes are flavored with cocoa powder and topped with a rich and creamy marshmallow frosting. The crushed candy cane makes you feel like you're walking though a winter wonderland. They are the perfect treat for your next Friendsmas or family holiday get-together. 

4. Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

OK, hot chocolate ice cream? This is totally an oxymoron. This hot chocolate-flavored ice cream definitely won't warm you up like a steamy cup, but it tastes like hot chocolate and has marshmallows, too. Edy's Frozen Hot Chocolate Ice Cream is perfect for times when the family holiday drama is at a max and you just need to cool down.

5. Hot Cocoa Cocoa Puffs

When the hot chocolate machine in the dining hall isn't working, or if it's just not cold enough, Cocoa Puffs are the perfect way to satisfy those cocoa cravings. This cereal is loaded with marshmallows and definitely gives Lucky Charms a run for their money with the rich chocolate flavor and fluffy marshmallows. 

6. Hot Chocolate Cookies

chocolate, sweet, cookie, bread, candy
Samantha Klein

Why drink hot chocolate and risk spilling it on that brand new sweater your grandma just knitted for you? Play it safe and eat your hot chocolate with these soft, homemade hot chocolate-flavored cookies. They are loaded with marshmallows and are super melty, like that snowman you built last week. Your grandma will be so proud. 

7. Holiday Jelly Bellies

Jelly Belly recently released a whole new holiday collection, complete with all your favorite holiday flavors, including egg nog, candy cane, and, of course, hot chocolate.

#SpoonTip: Always have someone try the Jelly Bellies before you do. You never know if your little cousin replaced all the hot chocolate-flavored jellybeans with nasty, Harry Potter-inspired ones

Change up your hot chocolate game this holiday season by whipping up some cupcakes or munching on some Cocoa Puffs during your Hallmark Christmas movie marathon. But why try just one hot-chocolate flavored delight when you can try them all? 

#SpoonTip: If you strongly prefer to drink your hot chocolate, at least try to pimp it out and make it less boring.