If you haven't already heard, podcasts are becoming incredibly popular.  Sure, you've heard about the podcast Serial (and secretly hoped it was about your go-to breakfast) but there is such a wide variety of podcasts out there, especially if you want to eat healthier.

All you have to do is press play while your walking to class, at the gym, or sitting with your headphones in because you don't really feel like talking to anyone and you'll instantly be inspired to take on a healthier life.

1. Bon Appetit Foodcast

At its core, the Bon Appetit Foodcast is the podcast version of the popular magazine. The podcast offers high-quality an inside look into the food industry, offers food advice, and recipes. The Bon Appetit Foodcast will certainly inspire you to become more conscience about the food that you put in your body by offering top-of-the-line food options.

2. Food Psych

Food Psych is awesome. Though it may seem daunting, it touches upon really important issues regarding people and their relationships with food. Some topics that Food Psych dives into are topics about body image and eating disorders. Listening to this podcast will help you feel more body positive. 

#SpoonTip: Listen to this podcast while doing yoga and improve your body image and self-esteem.

3. Nom Nom Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo gives you an inside look into the paleo diet which has grown as a popular diet trend over the last few years. This podcast will give you insight on paleo living by offering recipes, food advice, and discussion of paleo topics. If you're at all interested in adopting a paleo diet, or just a little curious, this is the podcast for you.

4. The Minimalists

This podcast focuses heavily on mental health and living a minimalist lifestyle. It's narrated by two men who quit their six-figure corporate jobs to live a more minimal lifestyle. In their podcast, they discuss what the leaving a meaningful, clutter-free life actually means. 

5. The Nutrition Diva Quick and Dirty Tips

This podcast hosted by Monica Reinagel, a chef and nutritionist, offers a hilarious, and somewhat blunt take on diet and nutrition.  She debunks plenty of health myths such as "can miso benefit your health?" while keeping it light and humorous for her listeners. 

6. Bulletproof Radio

Hosted by Dave Asprey, yes the same man who made butter and coffee a thing. But in his podcast he talks about more than just coffee, but diet and nutrition as a whole.  In fact, Asprey dropped over 100 pounds by refining his diet and he lives to tell his experiences through Bulletproof Radio.

7.  TEDTalks Health

You've probably heard of TEDTalks before.  They're powerful lectures lasting 18 minutes or less. TEDTalks Health encompasses a wide variety of health related topics from pooping, to eating disorders, to debates on vaccinations. Regardless of the talk's subject, it'll be informative and engaging.