Tired of cabinets filled with the same old Hershey bars and American confections? If your candy stockpile is as basic as the nextdoor neighbor’s in Anytown, U.S.A., it may be time to upgrade your sweet tooth. Luckily, you don’t have to travel the globe to discover some new foreign flavors.

We here at Spoon think it is time to give the foodie heaven located at the back of each Cost Plus World Market the attention it deserves. These foreign candies will have you speed-walking past all the wicker chairs and lavender soap, right into the food aisles.

England: Peppermint Bubbles

Ashley Ladin

The slogan here is “feel the bubbles melt,” which should be regarded as non-negotiable instructions rather than a simple catchphrase. Biting into one of these chocolate-encrusted bubbles is a major faux pas. Though the appearance is playful, the peppermint flavor is sophisticated and should be cherished slowly. 

Japan: Every Burger

Ashley Ladin

It is hard not to smile a bit upon opening an Every Burger box. Sure, the advertising clearly indicates faux mini burgers waiting inside, yet it is still easy to be caught off-guard by how endearing tiny food is. These biscuit treats contain milk chocolate “patties” and white chocolate “cheese.” While slightly disorienting to look at a makeshift burger and then taste something sweet, the perfect chocolate to biscuit ratio will leave you without any complaints.

France: bonbons

Ashley Ladin

While the mascot looks like a cartoon depiction of a Parisian conman, or perhaps your high school French teacher who always attempted and failed to stay hip with the kids, don’t let this personified bonbon scare you off. These candies have a delightfully subtle strawberry flavor that avoids a medicinal aftertaste. The texture is so chewy it takes some true effort to eat, yet it’s a culinary battle worth fighting. 

Greece: Halva

Ashley Ladin

Made out of sesame seed paste and a dash of vanilla, Halva’s simplicity is its strength. This Greek creation has the consistency of a dehydrated marshmallow and a slightly sweet flavor. The perfect on-the-go snack or quick treat.

Germany: Katjes Katzen Ohren 

Ashley Ladin

These black licorice pieces come in tiny triangles, which are supposed to represent cat ears if you play along. The licorice taste is authentic but not overwhelming. No gelatin is used in creating these treats, making it entirely suitable for vegetarians. 

Sweden: Cool Cola Skalle 

Ashley Ladin

Get your cola kick with these Swedish, skull-shaped gummies. More sour than the drink it replicates, but still balanced out by a sprinkle of sweetness. Beware: these skulls are sugar-coated, and will leave your fingers and surrounding environment in a similar state.

Australia: Tim Tam 

Ashley Ladin

The name alone is reason enough to buy these Australian biscuits; the more you say it, the more it grows on you. Luckily, the flavor is just as enchanting, too. The chocolate is soft to the touch and gives way to a satisfying crunch. These biscuits can be eaten plain or used as straws in Tim Tam Slams, a nifty way to enjoy hot cocoa. 

Travel With Your Taste Buds

While hopping on a plane and exploring the globe may not be an option at the moment, a trip to your local Cost Plus World Market is easily achieved. No matter where you are, you can treat your taste buds to some new, foreign flavors. It may not be as exciting as traveling, but it sure beats staying in and finishing the last Hershey's.