Australia is famous for a lot of unique food items. They have Vegemite, fairy bread, fish n' chips, crocodile, and more. However, there is one Aussie item that really makes an impression over there, and it is called the Tim Tam.

Tim Tams consist of two chocolate biscuits with chocolate filling in-between that are coated with chocolate. In other words, its a chocolate lovers dream treat. If you've never heard of Tim Tams, prepare yourself because these beloved chocolate sandwich cookies are coming to America!

I first learned about the love of my life, Tim Tams, when my sister studied abroad in Sydney, Australia. She found out they were popular with the locals, so she bought a box. That single box turned into many more later in the week. The Tim Tam in Australia is like the Oreo here in America, so they are very popular.

My sister even decided to share the joy with her favorite sister (me) by packing a suitcase full of Tim Tams. The picture below shows what she brought home.

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Kara McKenna

The Australian company that makes Tim Tams, Arnott's, recently made the announcement that Tim Tams will now be available in the United States. This is a great opportunity for anyone that needs a chocolate pick-me-up to try these authentic biscuit cookies.

If you need a caffeine fix, you can even use a Tim Tam to perform the famous Tim Tam Slam. A Tim Tam Slam happens when a hot beverage is sipped through the cookie, used as a straw, after the corners of it have been bitten off. Then, the drinker devours the Tim Tam in one bite.

If these cookies sound intriguing to you, I highly recommend heading to your nearest grocery store to find some. Your life will be changed forever. Here is the site to find a store near you that carries them.

Say g'day mate to Tim Tams and goodbye to Oreos!