Since the South is known for its fried chicken, it only makes sense that New Orleans, the champion of food fests, would turn it into an all-day, belly-filling festival. If you missed the festival's premiere, check out these seven dishes to get you ready for next year (and spoiler alert, some of these aren't even fried chicken).

 1. Chicken and Waffles from Belle’s Diner

Marisa Wesker

This delectable plate came with 2 pieces of fried chicken covered in maple syrup, alongside half of a waffle with bacon bits stuffed inside. A bacon-filled freshly pressed waffle covered in powdered sugar? Yes, please. Mad you missed this at the festival? Try this super creative recipe at home.

2. War Bird Sandwich from Belle's Diner  

bacon, avocado, cheese
Marisa Wesker

To make the half-hour long wait for Belle’s worth the sweat stains you most likely will acquire, you gotta order the War Bird sandwich–a large piece of fried chicken covered in melted Swiss cheese, crispy bacon bits, a pickle, and mustard sauce. 

Maybe you'll even get lucky like me and the woman in front of you will pick up the bill after seeing how long you waited in line. Cheers to Southern hospitality, y'all.  

3. Fried Chicken and Beignets from Sweet Legacy 

chicken, bacon
Gillian Halper

Perfectly fried chicken over beignets dusted with powdered sugar, this NOLA spin on chicken and waffles excelled at bringing sweet and savory flavors to one dish. The honey glaze and pecans on top had me asking for seconds.

4. Fried Chicken Gumbo from Roux Bistro 

chicken, pork, rice, meat
Gillian Halper

This bowl blew originality out of the park. I'd even go as far to say that it filled that small whole in your heart you didn’t know was missing with warmth and decadence. It featured white rice, boneless fried chicken, and broth that had a little kick. It was no surprise that it was one of the most popular items from this stand. 

5. Red Bean Chili Dawg from Diva Dawg Food Truck

chicken, pork
Marisa Wesker

This hot dog was loaded with fried chicken pieces and drizzled with Diva Dawg's special ketchup. Giving off similar vibes to that of Dat Dog, eating this hot dog felt like an ultimate treat yourself moment and probably had people wishing all hot dogs came adorned with bits of fried chicken. 

6. Snowballs from Orleagian Snowballs Food Truck

sweet, apple, milk, coffee, tea, cream
Marisa Wesker

While waiting for the chicken lines to dwindle down, indulge in a snowball. I got half mango and half piña colada, but the flavor choices ranged from Hurricane Katrina to strawberry daiquiri. Whatever the flavor, you're guaranteed to temporarily forget about the heat and feel refreshed. 

7. Perfectly Simple Chicken Buttermilk Biscuit from Roux Bistro 

chicken, rice
Gillian Halper

For those that are pickier, this is an all-around crowd pleaser. Simplicity at its finest, a golden piece of fried chicken and fluffy buttermilk biscuit came together in this classic sandwich. 

Running from 11am-8pm, why not have both lunch and dinner at the 2017 festival? I hope to see you there, where together we can drool over the countless vendors ready to bring us pure joy in the form of fried chicken. And don't worry, if you aren't from New Orleans and can't make it to this festival, check out these top fried chicken restaurants in your region.