We all know that mornings afters can be a real bitch. Between the dizziness, nausea or the DADS, all you want is to feel better. Well we’ve got you covered.

1. Kale


Photo by Parisa Soraya

Kale is one of the easiest ways to get extra vitamins in your diet without having to hold your nose or choke down a bowl full of it. Strip the leaves from the stem, wash it, throw it in the blender, and add any kind of fruit your heart desires. If you plan on working out later (lol), throw in some protein powder. No matter what you put in the smoothie, if you put in one to two handfuls of kale, you won’t be able to taste it, but you will be able to feel the benefits. 

2. Ginger


Photo by Savahannah Carter

Historically used for herbal medicines because of its anti-inflammatory agents and its use of reducing nausea, dizziness and vomiting, ginger is pretty good for a hangover if you ask me. You can put it into really anything and it’s going to give you that zing and tangy flavor. Here’s one that looks especially delicious and easy.

3. Lemon


Photo by Julia Liang

Probably the easiest out of all of these to put in your smoothie because you just buy the lemons (or lemon juice) and squeeze it into whatever smoothie you are feeling that day and BOOM – you are a cleansed and refreshed goddess. I would stay away from putting lemon into anything with peanut butter or a smoothie that has a more rich flavor.

4. Carrots


Photo by Charlotte Hull

Believe it or not, carrots are good for something other than your eyesight. Eyesight is still very important, but the carrot’s secret use is their ability to cleanse your body. Most people think that carrots only have beta-carotene, but they are loaded with antioxidants so it’s a cheaper food to buy than the crazy super foods only found in the southern-most rain forests in South America. Don’t turn your nose up just yet because carrots are surprisingly delicious in smoothies, especially in these smoothies.

5. Green Tea


Photo by Dyan Khor

When you’re sick or your stomach is uneasy, or when your feeling just downright shitty, you always reach for your go-to green tea. But sometimes in the morning, you don’t have time to boil the water and wait for it to cool so it won’t give your tongue a third-degree burn.

I know, you need relief ASAP. Green tea has antioxidants called catechins which protect against harmful substances (like alcohol) that we put into our bodies on a pretty regular basis by stimulating liver function to help us on those mornings when we just straight up wake up drunk. Combine a cup of green tea, pears, bananas, blueberries, chia seeds and some honey to taste and you’ve got yourself a pretty hangover killing smoothie ready to go.

6. Cinnamon


Photo courtesy of blog.candlewarmers.com

You can literally put cinnamon in ANYTHING. Peanut butter banana smoothies, berry smoothies, etc… it adds the spice of life to any kind of smoothie while speeding up your metabolism and cleaning your liver. Bottom line – with cinnamon, you can’t lose, and on a day where you feel like you aren’t even alive, that’s a pretty good feeling.

7. Beets


Photo by Kana Hamamoto

Don’t let beets scare you because of the myths of being difficult to prepare. Boil, peel, cut and blend. Easy as pie… except pie is way harder to make and won’t clean your liver. Beets, on the other hand, will clean your liver because they are a root veggie and have a special fiber called pectin which is actually THE fiber for liver cleansing.

Never go out with the fear of a hangover again because now you have these seven magical ingredients. They won’t erase any of the mistakes you made the night before but they’ll make you feel a whole lot better about them in the morning.