Are you one of those people who can’t drink orange juice in the morning like a normal human because your stomach will shrivel up and refuse to function? Same. For all you warriors with souls of steel and stomachs of flower petals, here’s a list of foods to aid your lame digestive system.


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1. Lean Protein


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Try poultry, seafood, eggs, or tenderly cooked red meat. For those adverse to eating meat, other great sources of protein for sensitive stomachs are tofu and smooth peanut butter. Try this quick stir fry recipe of tofu, veggies, and ginger, which are all great foods for sensitive stomachs.

2. Cooked Veggies


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Fibres are important to incorporate into your diet if you have a weak stomach, but they can also be a bit of a struggle to digest. The compromise is to cook your vegetables to soften the fibre and aid digestion. Try cooking peas, carrots, and potatoes.

3. Yogurt


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Fat can be hard on your stomach, but of course dairy’s an important part of any balanced diet. Go for low-fat dairy products, especially yogurt. Yogurt contains the “good” bacteria that your stomach will benefit from.

If you’re not a huge yogurt person, take a look at how to transform your Greek yogurt into a decadent dessert you can’t ignore.

4. Sourdough


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Carbohydrates in general can be hard on the stomach, but sometimes you just want to eat a whole lot of bread. Sourdough’s a solid choice for sensitive stomach sufferers, as the bread is fermented, which aids in digestion.

5. Ginger


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This is for all those weak stomach sufferers who buy ginger ale in bulk. Although the actual ginger content in Canada Dry is questionable, ginger itself is a spice that has been known to help calm any and all stomach discomforts for as long as anyone can remember. Try and incorporate this flavorful spice into your daily foods, such as in tea, or (for the more adventurous) this spiked ginger tea.

6. Applesauce


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This one’s also a commonly consumed food by those with sensitive stomachs, and for good reason. Applesauce contains pectin, which helps ease the stomach. The soft, cooked nature of applesauce is also easier to digest than a regular apple, but still super tasty. Try making your own with this simple 2-ingredient recipe.

7. Greens


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Greens have magnesium, which is great for sensitive stomachs as it cuts down on hydrochloric acid secretion. Foods that have magnesium include spinach, avocados, and soy beans.