If you’ve ever thought you had a urinary tract infection (UTI) because your pee smelt funny or if you’ve ever been embarrassed by the smell of your pee in a public restroom, this is for you. There are certain foods that will change the smell of your urine, but don’t worry it’s normal. If you don’t want to be stinking up public restrooms, here’s what to avoid.

1. Asparagus


Photo by Jenny Georgieva

This one’s so obvious. Everybody knows that asparagus has the power not only to change the colour of your urine but also to change the smell. This new smell is a result of the sulphur compounds in the asparagus and is totally normal.

2. Coffee


Photo by Asia Coladner

Coffee is a diuretic which means that it makes you pee a ton and then eventually dehydrates you. Because you are urinating so often, you are getting rid of a lot of bodily fluids and the chemicals in your pee become more concentrated making it smell stronger.

3. Salmon


Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

Salmon contains plenty of a vitamin called B-6 which is great for your body health but terrible for your urine odor. The B-6 goes right through your kidneys into your pee and can even brighten the colour of your urine.

4. Garlic


Photo by Kristine Mahan

It’s common knowledge that garlic makes your breath smell terrible, but did you know it has the same effect on sweat and even urine? The body takes a long time to break down a compound called allyl methyl sulfide which ends up roaming freely throughout your body. This is the reason why it ends up in your breath, sweat, and yes, urine.

5. Chili Peppers


Photo by Keo Phomphakdy

The skin of chili pepper contains a compound called capsaicin, which doesn’t break down in after being digested. Because of this, capsaicin comes out of your body just as odoriferous as it came in and your urine is left with a funky odor.

6. Puffed Wheat


Gif courtesy of giphy.com

This is definitely the strangest one, and not being much of a cereal eater myself, I can’t imagine ever having cereal-scented urine. It gives off a malted scent and interestingly enough, it smells the same in your urine as it does in a bowl of milk. Puffed wheat doesn’t affect everyone this way but if your pee is smelling like your breakfast, you’re not alone.

7. Strong Spices


Photo by Kelda Baljon

Strong spices such as the ones found in curry maintain their smell as they pass through your body. Even after you digest the food, the chemicals that make the spices smell pass through the kidneys and cause you to have stinky urine.