Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana in 2012, and the past few years since then have led to some pretty creative weed-infused foods.

Now legendary Denver brewery Oskar Blues is raising the bar with its new pot-scented beer: Pinner Throwback IPA, a 4.9 percent ABV dry-hopped IPA.

The Cannabist elaborates on the two-fold meanings and references from the new drink:

A pinner is a “tiny, thin joint low on marijuana content.

Get the joke? A low-alcohol session beer named after a low-marijuana joint? Oskar Blues isn’t much for subtlety; Above the can’s Pinner logo is the question: “Can I be blunt?”

According to founder Dale Katechis (of the famous Dale’s Pale Ale), they “wanted to create a beer, an IPA that had a great deal of aroma, that’s reminiscent of a lot of our other hoppy beers and aromas but that’s also sessionable, with the lower alcohol so you could have more than one or two.”

Pinner is already on the shelves in Colorado and North Carolina, and starting March 1 will be joining the stocks of the 39 other states in which the brewery sells beer.