Getting older comes with a lot of pros and cons. One that seems to fit both categories, in my opinion, is going grocery shopping. Starting to cook for myself and my roommates has been a struggle, but definitely a learning process. When deciding what to cook for the night, I usually start at the fruit and vegetable section to see what's on sale and what I can stock up on for the rest of the week.

Last week, a seemingly normal trip to our local grocery store turned into a produce-awakening. For sale, they had asparagus plants. I don't know how I thought asparagus grew, but it was a serious shocker to me. Once I saw these, I decided to do a little investigating on how other fruits and veggies grow. Feast your eyes on these monsters.


I always figured pineapples didn't grow on trees, but I would've thought they grew out of the ground with the stems that they have. Pineapples just seem to chill on top of some grass until they're ready to be turned into something yummy.

Brussels Sprouts

Even if these aren't your favorite, you've gotta admit the way brussels sprouts grow is pretty cool and slightly intimidating. Just another reason why we shouldn't mess with these.


I've always known artichokes were delicious, but never knew they could be this beautiful! Even if you don't eat artichokes, think about putting some in your garden.


There isn't even a plant, the asparagus IS the plant! They just come straight from the ground and into our stomachs. Weird. 


Cashews seem to grow out of the end of a cashew fruit? Two for the price of one!


These bad boys just hang out in trees on long branches until they're ready to get picked and turned into someone's avocado toast at brunch.

Black Pepper

Because salt comes from rocks, I guess I always assumed pepper did too, but they have their own plant where they grow in long spindles. Who knew?

More and more these days, it's important to know where your food comes from. Knowing what these plants look like outside of a grocery store could come in handy one day, whether you start your own garden, or find yourself on an episode of Naked and Afraid.