As a UGA student, one quickly learns the ins and outs of every dining hall, café, and vending machine. Some may prefer eating at Bolton over Snelling, while others call Chick-fil-A their holy grail. However, collectively there are at least a few things we can agree on when it comes to being a Dawg who loves to eat. Here are seven food-related truth any student eating on UGA's campus can understand. 

1. Finding a seat at Snelling becomes the actual Hunger Games.

Hannah Park

In every dining hall during lunch hour, it's not surprising to see packed tables, long lines, etc., but the bloodbath that occurs at Snelling during 12-1 pm is a different story. It's not uncommon to see UGA students eating with complete strangers. Meanwhile, the lucky few who were able to arrive at Snelling early enough quietly observe everyone scrambling for seats as they happily munch on their pizza and fries.

Pro-tip: If you happen to arrive at Snelling and find virtually no seating available, quietly hover around a table that looks like they're about to leave. I know it sounds like a pretty desperate tactic, but this is Snelling. Anything goes. 

2. The Niche is like that one crush who's way out of your league.

Anabel Prince

Even when we entered as freshmen, we all heard of the godlike "Niche." We were taunted with stories of their exquisite burgers and pizza, their soft-serve ice cream, and their undeniably amazing flatbreads. The only catch is that it was far away from the main part of campus. If you have enough time in-between classes to catch the Health Sciences bus (an hour at the very least), it's your lucky day.

Just as we dream of being with that one super cute guy/girl we saw once at Starbucks, we wish we could eat at the Niche every day. Its 2pm closing time and far location causes us to tuck away that dream and settle for the just-as-delicious food options that are nearby

3. You live for brunch at Bolton.

We live for those weekends where you can sleep in 'til noon and still be able to get those omelettes and biscuits with gravy. Known for its amazing omelette, pancake, and waffle station, this dining hall is our go-to place when you don't want to spend money on off-campus Athens brunch restaurants. Needless to say, Bolton's brunch allows you and your friends to all met up and stuff your faces with pancakes, scrambled eggs, and those to-die-for hash browns.  

4. Snelling at midnight is your late-night studying savior.

Hannah Park

One of the many attributes UGA takes pride in is having one of the only 24-hour dining halls in the country. It's ritual—whether it's pulling an all-nighter for a test the next day or when those late-night cravings suddenly hit, midnight breakfast at Snelling is a time when we can drown our stress in bacon and grits. 

5. Ramsey First, then ECV.

beer, wine
Savannah Tully

Speaking of rituals, anyone who has ever attempted to kick-start a healthier lifestyle with a workout session at Ramsey knows all what those painful minutes spent on the treadmill was for (to pig out at ECV afterwards). Their freshly-made smoothies, extensive salad bar, and mouth-watering pizza made it all worth it. Honestly, why work out if you can't stuff your face afterwards and not feel guilty? 

6. The Starbucks at Tate Rush is just as bad as the lunch rush.

Hannah Park

When the Starbucks at Tate first opened about a year ago, I couldn't be more excited. As it turns out, about the rest of the 26,000 UGA student population was just as eager. If you have ever stumbled upon Starbucks in the morning, or in-between those 15-minute gaps between classes, prepare for a long line and try not to spill your drink as you sprint to your next class. 

Fortunately, you can order and pay ahead of time with the Tapingo app, so if you time it right, you may be able to beat the rush. 

7. The dining hall cookies are a staple with every meal.

Hannah Park

Freshly made every day, the dining hall cookies quickly become a staple for every meal. My friends and I have extensive debates about which cookie flavor is better. While some live for those chocolate fudge cookies, others prefer the peanut butter ones, but we can all agree that when the dining halls bring out the ever-so-rare chocolate chip cookies, you should be ready to grab a few before they are gone in a matter of seconds.  

Going to UGA has plenty of perks, and its on-campus food scene is no exception. Whether you're late to class and grabbing an Americano from Starbucks, or you're treating yourself to a sandwich at The Niche, the plethora of food options and amazing dishes available makes being a Dawg an awesome experience!