Every college student knows that the most important thing on and off campus is the food.  Every school has its unique, unestablished dining rules and lessons that each student needs to learn.  And Fordham is no exception.  Here are the most relatable food things you can only understand if you're a part of the Fordham Ramily.

The Impossibly Long Line at Cosi

You know the feeling, it's lunch time and you don't have long before your next class, but you're craving some quality Cosi bread.  As you walk towards the building, you hope and pray that everyone decided to eat somewhere else today.  But sadly, upon arrival, what do you see?  A long line with many other students who had the same plan.  Every Fordham student knows the pain of standing in the long Cosi line. You should have just used Tapingo.

What to Call the New Queens Market/Deli

Goodbye to Subco and hello to the beautiful new market under Queens.  Although the market is amazing and literally forces me to spend all my dining dollars on pizza rolls, what do we call it?  Does it even have an official name?  Some people call it the pod, boars head, the head, and still Subco.  And everyone has a different opinion on what it should be referred to and why.  I have heard arguments started solely based on the name of this little market.  End the madness!

The Caf Closing Extremely Early

The worst moment in the world is planning on going to the caf, then looking at the time and realizing that it JUST closed 5 minutes ago.  Or, arriving at the caf only to realize the main dining is roped off and your only option is a sandwich for dinner. Guess another late night meal at the Grill it is.

The Saving Grace that is The Grille (Urban Kitchen)

I don't care what anyone says, true Fordham students know that The Grille is the best dining option on campus.  There is no other place on campus where you can get such an eclectic mix of food options.  If I want to get a smoothie, a cup of soup, and a quesadilla all at the same time, The Grille will provide.  Not to mention, they have amazing chicken fingers and fries and are open until 1 am everyday.

The Random Chopsticks Ambience

This one has always been a little bit of a mystery, but where did chopsticks come from?  The combination of the underground almost hidden location, Asian food mixed with Jamba Juice, and the odd decor makes for an interesting experience.  The room alone almost makes me feel like I'm walking into a spaceship from the 1920's.  But hey, it is pretty cool.  Despite the oddness of it all, chops is still beloved

Not Having Any Money for Arthur Ave

If you're a college student, there's a 99% chance that you're broke and your bank account is crying.  There's also a good chance that you are starving and in need of some classic Italian food.  This is why Arthur Ave is Fordham University's largest tease.  We have some of the best Italian food right outside of the gates, yet we have no money to actually enjoy it.  I propose the expansion of the dining dollars system into Arthur Ave restaurants.

The Looming Terror That is White Castle

The most random sight while walking out the Fordham gates to the fancy restaurants on Arthur Ave is the white towers of White Castle.  The occasions where Fordham students end up at White Castle is more random than the placement of the building itself.   You never know how you end up there, but sometimes you just do.  No one can ever explain the phenomenon of White Castle, but it has become a part of Fordham.

Despite some of the quirks of Fordham food and food in the Bronx, Fordham is the best and we love it, quirks and all.