As a summer baby myself, I always loved the outdoor parties, sunny weather, and fun treats that came with summer birthdays. Which is why New York City, aka the best city in the world and food capital, is a birthday gal's heaven filled with tons of options that are perfect for celebrating. 

1. The Sugar Factory

Famous for their outrageously big and sweet drinks they call "goblets," The Sugar Factory is the perfect place to go for a birthday — especially in the summer. Their motto of "making the world a sweeter place" is certainly attained by their sugary drinks and endless list of fun desserts. The Sugar Factory is also perfectly placed near The High Line in the Meatpacking District, so you can continue your summer birthday celebration with a walk outdoors to work off some of the calories and enjoy the weather, or eat more. 

2. Max Brenner's

Nothing could be better than a whole restaurant dedicated to chocolate. Max Brenner's creations, from pizza to waffles to fondue, are all drizzled and dunked in chocolate. Any summer birthday baby who has a weak spot for chocolate will find their birthday heaven in this restaurant. 

3. Tavern on the Green

Tavern on the Green is an iconic restaurant right in the heart of Central Park. After briefly closing in 2009, this restaurant is back and better than ever, and ready to host your summer birthday bash. You can enjoy an upscale birthday brunch and choice of fun desserts while also taking in the beautiful view of Central Park. 

4. Dylan's Candy Bar

A candy shop and cafe is a win-win in the books of birthday places. Not only can you enjoy the vast selection of candies and chocolates downstairs as an appetizer, but you can also go upstairs to eat a real meal when you're done snacking. Their cupcake-shaped booths make for an extra festive touch. 

5. Alice's Tea Cup

This elegant and fun tea house is filled with sweet treats that will take you back to your childhood, even though you are celebrating another birthday. Serving English tea and a wide selection of bakery items, Alice's Tea Cup has also mastered the art of beautiful custom cakes available to order. You'll feel like you fell down the rabbit hole into a dreamy land of cake and crumpets. It's also perfectly located on the Upper West Side right near Central Park, so the birthday celebration can be continued with a nice walk in the park. 

6. Seamore's 

Located in the heart of Nolita, Seamore's is one of the best places to sit outside in NYC and enjoy a birthday. To fend off the heat and have a sweet birthday, you can divulge into their awesome soft serve ice cream, with interesting flavors like tangerine and chocolate almond. It is also perfectly located next to one of JGoldCrown's bleeding heart/lovewall mural, so you and your friends can take cute pictures against a wall of brightly colored hearts.  

7. Serendipity 3

Serendipity 3 is a staple to NYC and has withstood just over 60 years of changes in the Big Apple. Though they are famous for their frozen hot chocolate, which comes in the original flavor along with other options like caramel or mint frozen hot chocolate, their other sundaes and desserts hit the top of the charts too. And there is no better way to cool off on a hot summer day and celebrate a birthday than with a beautiful and big frozen hot chocolate. 

Though I may be biased, a summer birthday is the best kind of birthday, as you get the return of sunny and warm weather and are on vacation. And these restaurants will surely give you one of the sweetest birthdays to remember.