The number 7/11 has some significance. Not only is it a killer Beyoncé song and today's date, but it's the name of a convenience store that is giving away free slurpees today. Yes, today is 7-Eleven Day.

Like every year on July 11, 7-Eleven celebrates their birthday and gives customers free slurpee drinks to say thanks for the support. So today between 11 am and 7 pm, stop in and get a free small-sized slurpee drink.

You can choose any flavor for your freebie, but a new standout is the Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries flavor. According to a co-worker, the blue drink really tastes like the cereal, or at least the leftover cereal milk. The flavor is only available for a limited time, though (and only at participating stores). 

Photo courtesy of 7-Eleven

Lucky for us, the deals don't stop there (!!). Whichever flavor you choose, you can also pick up a Big Bite hot dog for only $1 today and next Wednesday, National Hot Dog Day. 

And this year actually marks 7-Eleven's 91st anniversary, so as they get closer to turning a century, they're dishing out some added deals for seven extra days:

July 12: FREE 7-Select Pure Water with purchase of a BODYARMOR sports drink

July 13: FREE Big Gulp® fountain drink with purchase of a share-size Snickers candy bar

July 14: FREE 7-Select popcorn with purchase of a 20-ounce Smartwater

July 15: FREE single-size Reese’s candy with purchase of a share-size bag of 7-Select Gummies

July 16: FREE 20-ounce Coca-Cola with purchase of any flavor Cheez-It baked snack crackers

July 17: FREE single-serve bag of 7-Select® chips with purchase of any fresh sandwich

July 18: FREE single-serve 7-Select® tortilla chips with purchase of any 7-Select® nuts

You have to be a 7Rewards Member to get coupons for these deals, which really only means downloading the 7-Eleven app on your phone. 

So go to 7-Eleven today for a free drink, and get to know your local store associates by going every day for the next seven days for more free stuff.