The first step to becoming an adult is realizing that beer and jungle juice are not acceptable to drink after sophomore year of college. The second step is fooling people into thinking you know how to make your own cocktails. We as college students, however, have limited access to things like “bitters” and “triple sec”. Seriously, who wants to spend money on that when donut burritos exist?

Most cocktail recipes consist of alcohol + sweetener + mixer. If you really want to get fancy, you can add some fruit to add flavor to the drink. These 7 easy recipes can be made with stuff you would normally find in your fridge, and if you don’t already have limes or sugar in your kitchen, it’s amazing how you’ve gotten this far in life.

1. Daiquiri


Photo courtesy of @sparrowchicago on Instagram

Rum, lime juice, sugar. That’s it. Add ice and blend if you’re feeling frisky. If you really wanna impress your friends, add some frozen fruit like raspberries to make it a raspberry daiquiri. Thank me later, this recipe is all you need.

2. Gimlet


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Most gimlets are made with gin, but let’s be honest how many of you actually have gin in your apartment? Not me. Use vodka instead to make things easier. Just add lime juice and that’s it. Gimlets are also great drinks to add flavor too. Try this green tea gimlet to shake things up. 

3. Margarita


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Everyone is a tequila person when it comes to margaritas, and it doesn’t have to be on Cinco de Mayo. This recipe skips the triple sec because we’re not real people yet. Add some jalapeños to spice it up a bit.

4. Sangria


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Sangria is like the casserole of the alcoholic beverage world. Have some fruit you should probably use soon? Throw it in the pitcher. Half opened bottle of wine you don’t really feel like drinking? Pour it in. Add some champagne if it’s the day after New Year’s.

5. Screwdriver


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Want something a little heavier than a mimosa to take the edge off? Upgrade the champagne for some vodka and enjoy brunch a little more than usual.

6. Mojito 


Photo by Christin Urso

So you might have to go foraging for some fresh mint for this recipe but it’s so worth it. This ultimate summery drink can by had at any time of day without judgment. Jazz it up with some extra kiwi or pineapple flavor to really remind yourself that you aren’t on an island in the Caribbean.

7. Spiked Strawberry Lemonade


Photo by Natalie Migliarini

Kick it back to your childhood with this drink, except now you can add vodka to drinks whenever you want. The fresh strawberries add a refreshing taste to the sweetness of the lemonade and it’s easy to make in huge batches.

Use these 7 recipes to fooling people into thinking you’re almost an adult. Because nothing says “I’m grown up” more than an alcoholic beverage.