Another hybrid of breakfast foods? There is the cronut, the cruffin, and even the bruffin. So what’s so particular about this “doughrito?”

It’s always been a struggle at breakfast time. What are you in the mood for? Something sweet or something savory? Have no fear, Surfin’ Donuts is here. This doughnut shop with multiple locations in California has combined the sweetness of a doughnut with the savory tastes of a breakfast burrito. It gave birth to this combination about nine months ago.


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First you choose between bacon, sausage, ham, or steak for your meat. Then you choose your doughnut flavor which ranges among glazed, maple, sugar, or chocolate. The doughrito comes with eggs and cheese. Lastly, it’s wrapped up in a tortilla for the full effect of a doughrito.


Photo courtesy of @surfin_donuts on Instagram

The doughrito didn’t catch hype until recently after a food blogger raved about how it helped destroy his hangover. “Each bite was better than the last,” he wrote in his article. The doughrito has the condiment options of both red salsa and green salsa. “The red salsa is perfect if you’re looking to have your interiors ruptured. For other mouthgasms, I highly recommend their green.”


Photo courtesy of @foodbeast on Instagram

The awesome part about this hybrid breakfast food is that anyone can make this. It isn’t extremely complicated. All of the ingredients individually are something we as college students have probably made or bought. Slap it all together to get a great food to fight that hangover.

Of course, Surfin’ Donuts isn’t the first entrepreneur to mix both savory and sweet flavors together for breakfast. McDonald’s has been making their McGriddles, although I don’t believe McDonald’s mix could be as satisfying and filling as the doughrito. I personally don’t think I’ll be trying this hybrid any time soon, but for those foodies who are ready to munch on anything intriguing, this combination might be just for you.