Do you love stuffing your face with SLO’s famous barbecue and burgers? So do we, which is why I compiled this list to tell you—from one Mustang to another—about these seven food challenges that combine stuffing your face and being rewarded with free things (arguably the two best things in life).

1. Kona’s Deli — The Challenge 2.0

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Photo courtesy of @konadelislo on Instagram

Eat a two foot Destroyer sandwich in 17 minutes and you’ve got yourself a free t-shirt, as well as a free meal and a picture on the Wall of Fame. Be warned: the Destroyer’s contents definitely live up to its name. Turkey, ham, pastrami, salami, pepperoni, and provolone on your bread of choice, plus the works. Kona’s one requirement? Bring a friend along, because anything is better with some moral support.

2. Sylvester’s Burgers — The 5lb BIG ONE

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Photo courtesy of @sylvestersburgers on Instagram

A burger so big, it has to be carried out on a full size tray. Everyone knows Sylvester’s burgers are the best, but putting away 5 pounds of food (2.5 lbs of beef and 2.5 lbs of fixings) seems a little insane. But eating this much has its benefits: finish the whole thing in under 30 minutes and you get this baby for free (when it would originally cost you $35), as well as t-shirt to show off your accomplishment.

3. Taco’s to Go — Iguana Burrito

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Photo courtesy of @cpcampusdining on Instagram

You can even catch a food challenge on Cal Poly’s campus. At Tacos to Go, if you’re able to eat an iguana burrito (AKA a 5 pound burrito), you receive a free t-shirt, plus your photo on the wall to show off to your fellow peers and Mustangs.

4. Buffalo Wild Wings — Blazin’ Challenge

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Photo courtesy of @bwwings on Instagram

Can you handle the heat? The BBW Blazin’ Challenge is the only challenge on this list that requires an ability to handle intense spiciness. You have to eat 12 wings, each douzed in Blazin’ sauce (about 60 times hotter than a jalapeño) in 6 minutes or less. There are several rules to this challenge, including no drinks of any kind and no food that could neutralize the heat, like celery or ranch. This challenge is so intense that participants even have to sign a waiver before starting. If you are one the few able to complete this fiery feat, you will have your picture posted on the wall and receive the “Blazin’ Challenge Survivor Reward,” which is just a fancy name for the prize pack they give to survivors.

5. The Rib Line — Brahma Bull

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This challenge is so massive, even Adam Richman, host of Man vs. Food, came to SLO for one episode of the show to witness it in person. You have to eat 3 pounds of tri-tip, an entire loaf of garlic bread, and a pint of your choice of salsa or bbq sauce. The catch? You have to beat the time of the current Hall of Fame champ. If you still want tri-tip after eating three pounds of beef, you’re in luck: the Hall of Fame winner gets free lunch every Friday until someone beats their time.

6. Frank’s Famous Hot Dogs — Mini Burger Challenge

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These mini burgers may be small, but don’t let their size fool you. Finish 10 of these sliders and you’ve got yourself a free Frank’s t-shirt. Unfortunately, this challenge only takes place on Mondays, so you better clear your schedule.

7. F McLintocks — Baron of Higuera

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Prep yourself for this gluttonous monster. Finish two pounds of beef, with melted cheese and a giant bun, as well as a side of fries in an hour or less. If you manage this feat, receive a limited edition t-shirt and your picture on the Wall of Fame.

Good luck! We hope to see you all sporting new t-shirts very soon.