You may be the lucky one who is done with finals or you may be like me and have your hardest final yet to come. For all of you with finals still, this one goes out to you—hang in there. At this point, coffee may be your new BFF, or maybe you're looking to end the relationship. If that's the case, there are plenty of rebound caffeine-infused products to takes its place. Thank you, capitalism.

1. AWAKE Caffeinated Chocolate

Caffeine in the form of chocolate is like having that bubble gum mouthwash. It taste great, plus it gets the job done. It has just as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, so you'll sure get some buzz out of it.

2. Java Caffeinated Energy Gum 

With this gum, you are hands-free to do whatever you need while studying. You may be chewing gum anyways, so you might as well make it caffeinated. 

3. Muscle Milk Coffee House 

Had nothing except potato chips and pretzels from the café today? Muscle Milk Coffee House has you covered. You get 120 mg caffeine and 20 grams of protein in one drink. If you're rushing from a late night gym sesh to studying, this is a no-brainer pick. 

4. Penguin Caffeinated Peppermint

If gum isn't your thing, there is still such thing as caffeinated peppermint mints. One mint is 7 mg of caffeine, so you need about 12 to equal the amount of caffeine in coffee. 

5. Avitae Caffeinated Water

Each bottle has 45 mg of caffeine, or about half a cup of coffee. You know you need a lot of water anyways, so now you don't have to feel guilty about never drinking any. 

6. Bang!! Caffeinated Ice Cream

Want dessert, but also want caffeine? Problem solved. I really don't know how they get so much caffeine in one scoop of ice cream, but I'm not asking any questions. Just hand me some peanut butter caffeinated ice cream, please. 

7. Crystal Light Energy

Something a little more familiar is always good, right? The best part about these little packets is that they fit right into your backpack and you can add them to whatever drink you want. 

If you're up for the adventure, try out one of these caffeinated products. Maybe your body will like them better than a regular ol' cup of joe. However, if you are totally trying to cut cold turkey, you can always opt for one of these caffeinated bracelets