If you thought coffee was your best friend (come on, we all know you only get along with your roommate like 80% of the time), you’re wrong. Yes, coffee was there for you when you needed to pull an all-nighter in the library to finish your term paper, and maybe coffee was by your side when you woke up with a hangover and realized you had a presentation due that day—but now, there’s something better.

Your new best friend just arrived, and it arrived in the form of a caffeinated bracelet.

Joule is a bracelet with a transdermal caffeine patch that allows you to absorb caffeine through the skin on your wrist. Each caffeine patch is equivalent to one cup of coffee and lasts for four hours. The Indiegogo page for the bracelet already raised almost $40,000—257% more than the original goal of $15,000.


Photo courtesy of indiegogo.com

Because it takes four hours for the equivalent of one cup of coffee to enter your bloodstream, Joule won’t leave you with the jitters or an energy crash. You won’t get the negative effects of coffee, like coffee breath and stains on your teeth, plus you won’t ever have to wait in line for Starbucks again (hallelujah).

One Joule bracelet (in pink, blue, or black) plus 30 caffeine patches is $29, so you’ll be spending less than $1 a day to get your caffeine fix. Trust me, your wallet will thank you when you don’t blow $20 a day on three venti macchiatos with extra shots.

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