Valentine's Day is here again, and for all the single people out there (ME), you know that seeing all the romance happening around you can stir some feelings that are the opposite of excitement.

Even if you're not going on a hot date (no pressure if you're not), something to be excited for is some quality time with yourself. I'm looking forward to getting in my comfiest clothes, making a cocktail, and enjoying the best take out I can find. If cocktails aren't your thing, pair your feast with your most loved wines to make your date for one even more romantic. Here are some places to get take out in the Bay Area that are even more enjoyable than a box of chocolates.

1. Shan Dong - Oakland

This is the best Chinese food I've ever had. Not only do they make homemade noodles (peep the bottom left of the photo), but they bring your food out so hot and quick you don't even have time to be hungry. Your commute will never be more worth it.

2. Sideboard - Lafayette

Sideboard's menu is full of sandwiches and salads, and their claim to fame is their hot chocolate. This spot makes the list because they can package your food up for you in a picnic basket to be enjoyed on the grass area in front of the restaurant. This is where I'd want to take myself on a date.

3. Market Hall Foods - Rockridge

This is more than a food court, it's a food fantasy. Visit the cheese counter to consult with expert cheesemongers to choose the perfect centerpiece for your chartreuse platter. While you're there, pick up a fresh apple pie or a princess cake to share with your roommates (or not).

4. Homeroom - Oakland

If you like your mac and cheese extra bougie, place an order at Homeroom. It's perfect for Valentine's Day because they have a separate to-go store around the corner from the main restaurant where you can pick up your order without walking through crowds of couples.

5. The Cheeseboard Collective - Berkeley

Pizza is my favorite food, and Cheeseboard is one of the best places to get it. The menu changes on a daily basis, and there is only one type of pizza you can get at any given time. The collective's commitment to fresh, hearty, and local ingredients guarantee that your specialty pizza won't be plain cheese. Gluten-free and vegan friends can check out their salads, gluten-free crust, and pizzas topped with coconut and cashew cheese.

6. Tacos Mi Rancho - Oakland

When I ate at Tacos Mi Rancho for the first time, I got emotional. All it took were three carnitas tacos to steal my heart. This taco truck is right around the corner from Lake Merritt and it's open until 2:30 am, so no matter how your night goes, tasty tacos can be part of the plan. Plus, the place is Kehlani-approved.

7. Kara's Cupcakes - Walnut Creek

Cupcakes were made for single people, right? With a commitment to local, sustainable ingredients, this cupcake bakery is the sweetest of them all. Also, Kara's delivers. Literally. They will drive your cupcakes to you if you order at least a dozen.