The New Year means more half-assed resolutions, and you and all your friends are promising each other that you are “definitely going to lose weight this year.” As the weekend rolls around and the odds of going out are higher, you might as well save the calories where you can with healthy drinks. 

Similar to others, every New Year I promise myself that I am going to get skinny, eat healthy, and have amazing, glowing, skin. And similar to everyone else, that motivation lasts a solid two days at most. You could give up drinking for the month like my crazy paleo aunt... but you probably shouldn't. Here are the perfect "healthy" drinks for everything from the pregame to the bar.

1. Whiskey

I’m always down for Fireball whether it’s at the bar or the pregame, because that shit goes down easily. The strong cinnamon flavor makes makes it really easy to forget you’re drinking whiskey, until the morning rolls around and you’re not only reminded of how the high alcohol content, but also the calories.

Just five shots of Fireball lands you at 540 calories (which is 10 calories less than a McDonald’s Big Mac) and 55 grams of sugar. Instead, opt for Chicken Cock Whiskey. It not only has a bomb name, but it also clocks in at 88 calories a shot, saving you 100 calories at the end of the night. BONUS: There's no sugar added.

2. Vodka Soda

Cranberry Vodka will always be a classic and is always an easy go-to at any bar, but mixed drinks usually have a lot more calories than you would think. At most bars, a cranberry-vodka is around 190 calories per drink. Instead, opt for a vodka mixed with seltzer and a fresh lemon and save 119 calories.

3. Margaritas

Whether it’s Margarita Monday or Taco Tuesday, margaritas are acceptable everyday, but 177 calories per margarita is not. Bethenny Frankel is not only the best member of RHONY, but she also created the Skinnygirl Margarita, saving us 37 calories per glass.

4. Dark and Stormy

Dark and Stormy is one of my favorite drinks and I do not want a 2017 without it, but at 176 calories, I'm willing to compromise. Instead, just ask the bartender for a shot of light rum with sugar-free ginger ale over ice.

5. Wine

Whether you’re slapping the bag, or sipping on several glasses during the Bachelor, there’s no such thing as a year without wine. Opt for the healthier version: Wine Spritzers. Take your favorite white and add a little seltzer water with a lemon. That 8 oz. wine spritzer will clock in at under 100 calories.

6. Mojitos

I was under the impression that mojitos were healthy drinks because they have greens in them. Unfortunately they do not qualify as "healthy" since most mojitos are loaded with simple syrup (the devil to most nutritionists). In this alternative, keep all the mint leaves, limes and rum, but opt for honey instead of the simple syrup. 

If you're not ready to figure out what it's like not drinking in college then it’s okay for your New Year's resolution to include a January full of drinking. After 2016, I don’t think anyone is ready for a sober 2017. So be the life of the party this month (and the other 11 months) and still feel healthier than last year.

#SpoonTip: All calorie counts taken from