Penn State boasts many things: a killer engineering program,  the creamery, the football team, the winningest coach in college football; we’ve got a lot of stuff going for us. One of those things happens to be that we are one of, if not thetop party school in America. Now, naturally, we don’t get that title because we serve apple juice at our parties.

Nah, there’s alcohol. And lots of it.

Now, I personally don’t go out every single night, but I do go out a fair amount, mostly to socials with my gymnastics club (shout-out to you guys, thanks for letting me play One Direction in the gym every day). And it’s fun! I dance, I schmooze, I play pong and flip-cup. But one thing I don’t do is drink.

6 Alcoholic Drinks that Taste Better than They Sound

Photo by Nathan Meijer / Creative Commons

But I still go out, and I still have fun. I want to come out and dispel the myth that going out to party and being sober are mutually exclusive events.

Parties aren’t for everyone, but if they are for you, and you feel like your preference to not drink is holding you back, let me tell you something: no one cares. Mostly everyone you meet is absorbed in their own shenanigans. If people do start pestering you to drink, just tell them that you have an 8 am or an exam the next day and they’ll probably leave you alone.


Photo by Bari Blanga

And despite their name, drinking games don’t always have to involve drinking, at least, drinking alcohol. It’s very likely you’ll be able to find someone willing to drink for you, and if not, no one will notice if you use water or soda instead of beer. If you’re anything like me, being sober will give you no type of advantage in that game.

A great way to ease yourself into going out sober is to find theme parties, where the goal isn’t just to drink, but to wear a costume or do something different than your usual party scene. That way, you can focus more on making your outfit for an ABC party fabulous, or hoping to God the paint bought for this paint party is washable.


Photo by Kylie McCool

If you go out to a party and discover that it’s not for you, that’s okay! At least you tried. Going to a frat party or any type of party is part of the quintessential college experience and you don’t have to love it, but you’ll never know unless you give it a whirl.

Go out with friends you love, put on your cutest outfit and dance, play, flirt, schmooze, strut, selfie and conquer! Drinking is totally optional.