For those of you still wondering what the fuss is over the posters of scrumptious looking food you’ve seen all over campus, we are proud to announce the Ashoka Chapter of Spoon University is finally here! This article will illustrate seven awesome reasons to join Spoon at Ashoka. 

So what does that mean for you? Spoon University, supported by a widespread international community, is an online food publication that is also going to throw insane events on and off campus!

These reasons will convince you that joining Spoon at Ashoka will be the best thing that has ever happened to you:

1. Love food more than you love people?

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This could be THE platform for you to meet tons of people, all of whom share the same passion as you- an undying love for food that not only satisfies your stomach but also your soul. Not to mention, this experience will most definitely involve a lot of food adventures (taste tests, yayyy) both on and off campus.

2. Get the scoop on every eatery on Campus.

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Christin Urso

When we pick up a Chicken Sandwich from Sandeep Bhaiya’s, I doubt we are aware of the many other options that are at our disposal! If we look at Fuel Zone itself, we have mouthwatering varieties like Chicken Pizza, Momos and Paneer Kathi Roll that we can opt for. But why don’t we? Because it’s just too much of a task to try something new and face disappointment, not to mention the hole it would burn in our allowance. Spoon will sample and analyze every single dish on campus so you don’t have to.

3. Have the greatest gastronomy adventures in Sonepat (yes really!) AND Delhi.

Natasha Todi

Why restrict yourself to a handful of options on campus when there is a plethora of delicious food to dive into? The rich local North-Indian food culture is just waiting to be discovered. Not only will members sample and rate these places for you, we will also create a directory for you keeping in mind both value for money and travel expenses. As for the city, we will first focus on places like GTB Nagar that are closer and also keep you informed of all the fun things you could be doing on weekends like the Delhi Food Truck Festival.

4. Organise and enjoy Kick–Ass Events !

Gabrielle Levitt

As part of the Spoon team, you can spearhead all your crazy ideas around food and turn it into an event people will be vying to attend. Want to see an Ashokan version of Man versus Food or even have a competition to see the most number of food pranks one can pull off? Join the Marketing Team to do so and much more!

5. Work with awesome people at Spoon HQ!

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Spoon University

Working with us is going to be like doing a crazy internship with people who are the best at what they do. Spoon University provides us with its awesome team of editors, videographers and other experts to give a lending hand whenever we require one. 

 6. Out of the world Internship opportunities. 

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Chase Dooley

Not only will you walk away with a resume worth bragging about, you will one of the lucky few who can avail a chance to work with companies like Hershey's, Kellogg's and Quaker all of whom are interested in working with college students. And this could just be the start for you!

7. Generate content that will matter to a worldwide readership.

Spoon University

Everything you create for Spoon, may it be an article, a video or a photograph you click, your readership will not be restricted to just Ashoka University. You article can get reposted to other websites like Refinery29, TeenVogue and HuffingtonPost and will reach an audience that is larger than you can ever imagine!

Finally feeling the excitement? Apply here.