It’s not a secret that alcoholic drinks have a lot of calories in them and that most of the summer drinks we adore are full of sugar. Now, of course, the best way to continue making progress is to give up alcoholic drinks. But let’s be realistic – everybody wants to maintain their weight, but nobody is willing to totally give up drinking.

Rather than give up drinking, we’ve put together a list of drinks for you that are lower in calories and sugar. These drinks won’t do as much damage to your body as other drinks so you can still sip on a delicious drink without a care in the world.

1. Coconut Margs

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Photo courtesy of @jentista on Instagram

Who doesn’t love a margarita? With this homemade recipe, you can still enjoy one without worrying about all that sugar. All you need is 1800 coconut tequila, coconut water, and lots of lime. Super easy, yummy, and low on the cals. You can even add a splash of club soda if you’re wanting a little fizz. If you’re not coco for coconuts, here’s another margarita recipe for you to try.

2. Vodka Water

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Photo by Madison Temple

I know… kinda boring. But this drink is probably the “healthiest” alcoholic drink you can find. It may be bland, but all that water will help prevent a hangover and help your body recover faster the morning after a night of drinking.

#SpoonTip: Add a couple lemons/limes or use tonic water to help give this drink some more flavor.

3.  Vodka Raspberry Lemonade

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If you’re into vodka but can’t commit to vodka waters, try mixing your vodka with True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade mix. It’s got low sugar, low calories, and a whole lot of natural flavor. This is a great alternative to other sweet drinks.

4. Sparkling Spritzer

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This one is pretty simple and super refreshing. Just mix white wine with any flavor of sparkling water and bam – you got yourself a low-calorie drink for the pool side. To make a more complex spritzer, you could use this recipe here.

5. Light Beer

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I know what you’re thinking and it’s true. Beer is not the best choice. But if you’re a beer girl like me, sometimes a cold one can be hard to pass up. Here’s a list of lower calorie beers that can save you a few calories.

6. Watermelon Mojito

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Photo by Katherine Baumstark

Mojitos are hard to beat… except for the fact that they average at 242 calories per drink. But again, don’t you worry. Here is a recipe for a watermelon mojito that is half the calories and twice as delicious.

7. Cucumber Cooler Cocktail

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Photo courtesy of @edgeonly on Instagram

This one is a little more complex, but the way it tastes makes it worth the effort. This refreshing drink is low in calorie but doesn’t taste like it. Just follow these steps to make this yummy drink.